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♥  Union Jack Flag...made in England brit_image1.jpg

It has become increasingly popular to use interiors marked with the union jack flag. Scattering cushions, wall clocks, hanging hearts and one of our best selling doormats.
No longer are these items just for nautical themed rooms, but throughout your home.

The flag itself has been updated...see our cushions and bunting brit_image3.jpgwith polka dots and chintzy fabric! 

So check out our nautical accessories section and fly the flag with these lovely products.

For products relating to this style please take a look at our nautical section

♥  Shabby Chic…

Create your shabby chic look with gently worn edges, soft cottons and linens, inspired by fabrics of yesteryear. A great shabby chic look is to mix old and new, an eclectic look of vintage or antique furniture in soft off white’s distressed corners and worn areas of greater use, mixed with chintz fabrics and soft furnishings.
The Shabby chic style started in Great Briton and evokes the type of decoration found in old country houses, where worn pretty fabrics and old paintwork were embraced.  The overall effect of shabby chic is to create elegance. Our shabby chic accessories section has some lovely examples of this.

The modern day shabby chic has taken inspiration in forms of decoration from 18th century painted Swedish furniture, the French château,shabby_image3.jpg to the American shakers where simplicity and plainness was essential.

We like to think of shabby chic being stylish rather than fashionable. It’s a relaxed way of living that looks comfortable and inviting making it feel like home.  

For products relating to this style please take a look at our shabby chic accessories section

♥  Shaker… shaker_image1.jpg

A simple clean line design created by members of the shaker religious group.  The shaker style originated in America in the mid 1770,s, who built items according to their belief that the beauty of the object was found in its usefulness.
The shakers believed that every object in the home should have a function. Whatever is fashioned “let it be plain and simple and for the good” and “beauty rest on utility” are 2 of their favourite sayings.

Often using a thin wash of colour with a limited palate or just natural materials the shaker style is easy to recognize. Our Shaker accessories section has some examples of this.
The shaker style was influenced by American folk art. Folk art is the decorative tradition of rural communities and varies from region to region.  Wherever the shakers settled they picked up some of the qualities of these traditions, for example their simple wooden toys, rose painted boxes and rag dolls are similar to New England Styles.

For products relating to this style please take a look at our shaker accessories section

♥ Country style... country_image1.jpg

The basic purpose of country style interiors is to have your home reflect the simplicity of nature, conveying an atmosphere that’s relaxing and homely, bringing the outdoors indoors with a posy of flowers, a natural twig heart or a lavender wreath. Our Decorative Country Accessories section has a variety of products to enhance this style in your home.
country_image2.jpg The great advantage of modern country living is being able to mix old and new furniture being painted or natural wood to give an eclectic look.  Country style is the use of wide plank flooring, painted tongue and groove walls, thick country pine tables, rocking chairs and three legged stools.

Painted pine dressers and furniture passed down through generations of family’s make the country style practical and hard wearing.

country_image3.jpgCouches and chairs are soft and over filled with chintz cushions. The use of wicker in chairs and baskets is common place. Textiles are pretty with flowers and vibrant in colour. Use country style accessories to enhance the look and most of all enjoy the country living style by bringing a piece of the country into your home.

For products relating to this style please take a look at our decorative country accessories section

♥ Country Kitchen Accessories... country_image1.jpg

We love the country kitchen look with our vintage themed collection we have a range of products to suit many different styles.  Our 1930s style tin ware has retro wording on its facia and comes in a lovely cream colour.  With cupcakes becoming ever more popular we have a selection of products to create the look.

From hooks to trinket pots to signs. A pine farmhouse table is a must for every country kitchen and will look fantastic with our selection of vintage style glassware placed upon it.  Not only very pretty but also practical. 

Country chalkboards will be a must for a shopping list or cake recipe and our tin ware signs will bring back the style of yesteryears.

A painted dresser garnished with pretty jugs, storage jars and tins with gingham bunting draped across its shelves will be the perfect focal point for any country kitchen. 

For products relating to this style please take a look at our country kitchen accessories section