French Style Furniture Ideas for 2015

Date posted: July 27, 2015

Carefully chosen French style furniture can add a ‘romantic hideaway’ feeling to any home. Whether you’re looking to create a boutique bedroom or lavish lounge, adding few key pieces in each room will bring the décor together to create a warm and homely environment.

You might think you have to spend a fortune to create the elegant looks you see in magazines, but this isn’t the case. A few solid investment pieces and some decorative small furniture items will be just enough to create a typically French shabby chic feeling in your home.

When it comes to thinking about what you are going to purchase, statement pieces, such as drawers and sideboards are great places to start.

Chests of Drawers
Stylish French Draws

The wonderful thing about vintage furniture is that they never go out of style. Chests of drawers are essential bedroom pieces, and the right ones will become treasured pieces of family history, passed through the generations.

French style furniture plays heavily on decorative finishes. This helps create a luxurious and opulent feel, perfect for bedrooms and dressing rooms. Dress your drawers with romantic candles, pretty perfumes and luxury lotions.


Whatever the size of your space, every room should have a focal point. For bedrooms, this will be the bed. In kitchens, this could be a large dining table or butler sink. In living areas, the key focal point is normally the television or fireplace.
If you’re worried about how to incorporate a touch of French, don’t fear. A show-stopping French style sideboard will not only be sturdy enough to carry your flat screen and store your media gadgets, it will also become the key focal point in your room – not your television.

Other large pieces, such as dressers or vitrines are sure to become strong talking points when guests pop over for coffee and croissants.

Wall Fittings
French Styled Wall Hooks

For most of us, living in a French chateau is all but a dream. However, just because you don’t have the luxury of space in your home, doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the beauty of French style living.

Adding a few wall-fitted pieces in your home, such as shelving, racks or coat hooks, are a gorgeous way to incorporate some French shabby chic into your living quarters without having to sacrifice floor space.

Stylish French Chair

Furniture should certainly look stunning, but its key priority is to provide some kind of use. After all, you don’t want it sitting there, gathering dust. That kind of shabbiness is something we don’t want to encourage!

Rather than concentrating on decorative pieces that will have little use, look for items that will provide function for your family. A trusted failsafe is the good old-fashioned chair.

As well as for sitting, French style furniture chairs can make interesting side tables for bedrooms and smaller living rooms and as they are easily portable, they can provide various other multi-functional uses.

Why not consider taking a chair into a hallway, as a handy area to place your handbag or keys? French style chairs always look good in spare rooms as well, as a useful space for stacking towels or for guests to deposit clothing.

In terms of style, the French have always been a nation several steps ahead. So it makes sense that more and more people are choosing to furnish their homes with beautiful French style furniture. These timeless pieces can transform any sanctuary into a classic and stylish retreat. And you don’t have to worry about your furniture ever looking dated; vintage French furniture is always in fashion.

Shabby Chic Décor Ideas for Summer

Date posted: June 9, 2015

Before the weather gets so nice that you don’t feel like doing any work on your home, you might want to make the most of all the bright summer light that we’ll (hopefully) be enjoying throughout the middle of the year. This is the best time to try and open out the rooms and increase the sense of space inside the home and, while you might not want to go as overboard as changing the windows in all of the rooms, there are still things you can do to make the most of what you’ve got.

Fortunately, shabby chic is an interior decorating style that looks spectacular when bathed in sunlight – much more suited to summer than winter, then – and it doesn’t take much to transform any room into a stunning summer hideout.

As mentioned before, you want to be taking advantage of the increased levels of sunlight and making the room seem bigger with the help of carefully positioned shabby chic mirrors that reflect light around the room to increase the perception of its size.

Floral Mirror

Additionally, don’t assume that you can’t develop a shabby chic aesthetic for the back garden, because you can. Carved wicker furniture painted in cream or a light pastel shade, for example, immediately evokes the idea of long, lazy, glamourous summer picnics and endless games of croquet and badminton.

You don’t have to go big in the garden either. You can adopt shabby chic by installing a few well-chosen smaller accessories and decorations, such as the bird and flower hanging decoration below.

Metal hanging bird decoration

As the day wears on and darkness begins to fall, you can employ an antique silver tea light holder (or several) to provide some soft lighting so you’re not sitting in the dark. While it’s a good idea to have a motion-sensor security light, you can turn it off while you’re outside to make sure that the atmosphere isn’t ruined by constant activation.

Rustic tea light holder

For even more furniture pieces, decorations and accessories that will create an elegant, languorous shabby chic feel to your home this summer, take a leisurely trip through the rest of the Live Laugh Love website to see what’s on offer right now.

French Style Bedroom Furniture

Date posted: April 24, 2015

french furniture 1

When you think of vintage furniture designs, there’s a good chance that they’re of French origin. The ornate style was popular in upper-class houses across the country prior to the French Revolution, and it spread to England during the Georgian era – it’s still visible in a lot of National Trust properties that have been preserved to look the way they did during their heydays.

The elegance and timeless appeal of the furniture means that the style is sought-after in homes of all kinds today, and it’s a desire that Live Laugh Love caters to for its customers with a wide range of options available to peruse.
french furniture 2

We specialise in bedroom furniture – there’s something opulent and luxurious about the style that makes it perfect for a boudoir – and we have everything from antique dressers to desks and wardrobes, all painted in our vintage off-white/cream shade to maintain a sense of class and neutrality – this way the pieces don’t overpower the room, which can be built around them rather than having to focus on them.

Choosing the right piece can really tie a room together and elevate it into really becoming a showcase for your sense of personal shabby chic style. With our ranges updated on a regular basis, there are always new additions to the available products, so it’s always likely that the perfect piece will be in stock soon.

Elegant, practical and understated, French style bedroom furniture will always be a timeless addition to any home.

french furniture 3


Introducing Our New Shabby Chic Resources Section!

Date posted: April 8, 2015

Screen shot of Inspiration Guide We’re very excited to officially announce the addition of a brand new feature on the Live Laugh Love website: the Shabby Chic Guides & Inspiration section. This is a resource of images and how-to guides created exclusively for those of our customers who could do with a pinch of inspiration and advice when it comes to decorating their shabby chic homes.

As we all know, shabby chic can be a bit difficult to get your head around because there are so many ways you can incorporate it into each room of your home. With the new resource hub, you can see how other people have utilised this aesthetic and worked around the demands and requirements of modern life to create a stylish and attractive (yet functional) place to live.

The resource section offers assistance in the form of inspiration for living rooms, to help you find that perfect sofa, and bedrooms, to open up your wallpaper options, as well as on-line manuals that discuss topics such as the proper way to refinish or paint a piece of furniture in the shabby chic style – no stone is left unturned, and the section will only grow and develop as time goes by!

Make Mother’s Day 2015 a Shabby Chic Celebration

Date posted: March 9, 2015

For a lot of us, Mother’s Day can be difficult to find an appropriate gift to commemorate. Chocolates and flowers are fine but they’re also a bit boring and lack imagination. Shabby chic-themed items and decorations, on the other hand, are attractive, thoughtful and have a shelf life longer than a couple of days.

Shabby Chic Material Cushion

If you’ve got a mum who loves the shabby chic theme, make it a Mother’s Day to remember this year with one of the Live Laugh Love range of decorations and accessories that are sure to add a touch of class to any room in the house. From small tokens like soap dishes and wall hooks to mirrors and vintage desks, there’s something to suit everyone’s mum (and her interior décor theme!) on her special day.

shabby Chic Wooden Anchor

For instance, our nautical accessories are perfect for any seaside-themed room, whether you go for something as simple as seashells that can be strewn over a windowsill or a captain’s wheel that could hang on the wall to provide a visual focal point for people entering the room.

Shabby Chic Mirror

We also offer a full range of products that are aimed at adding elegance and cosiness to a home, such as our antique ornate mirror and picture frames or embroidered decorative cushions. Every piece offers a new, different effect when it is installed in a certain room, so think carefully not only about what the most suitable option might be as far as your mum’s taste is concerned, but also whether your chosen product will actually work in her house. Of course, if you have any questions then you can contact our customer service team.

Alternatively, if you’re not sure about the kind of thing your mum would like, you can always choose to give her a Live Laugh Love gift certificate so she can order her own present – this is definitely the option to go for if you think you might get it wrong!

Regardless of what you end up choosing, you’ll always be in good hands when Mother’s Day rolls around (as you are on every other day) with Live Laugh Love.

Shabby Chic Competition

Date posted: October 22, 2014

Congratulations To Our Shabby Chic Competition Winner!

Shabby Chic Competition

So here at Live Laugh Love we recently ran a Shabby Chic Competition held on Instagram. This required the participants to demonstrate their own take on shabby chic within their home for their chance to win.

Kelly Simpson was our selected winner and received the prize of a Live Laugh Love gift certificate worth £100!

As the winner of our Shabby Chic Competition, we felt obliged to get some information about Kelly’s inspirations/Interests and uploaded her response onto our blog for you all to read :)


We want to know how you fell in love with Shabby Chic?

I started falling in love with shabby chic around 2 years ago when I got a job in a town with lots of independent and unique chic interior shops. I used to spend most of my lunchtime spending my wages in them, which was a bad habit, but I created a room I’m really happy with!

Tell us a little bit about how you created your room?

I love shopping around in shabby chic and vintage shops you can find lots of unique shabby chic treasures in them sorts of places. Over the past couple of years I have picked up items I have liked, and it’s all finally come together.  Cream and white really create an open space and make a room look much larger than it seem. As my room is fairly small, I think it’s important I went for a cream and white theme to my room

Where did your inspiration come?

I’m inspired by one off shabby chic shops, as most of the shops set their displays out like you’re walking into a house. I also love Cath Kidston. Her shop displays are always gorgeous and you can get a real idea of matching things in her shop.

Instagram is another inspiration for me, as people often post photos of their houses. You get an insight into what they currently love and their recent interior buys. There’s always endless photos of beautiful interiors on Instagram, that you can easily view by searching for a couple of ‘shabbychic’ hashtags. It would be rude not to mention your beautiful shop too! I’m always on your website looking at all the lovely bits and pieces, and your new products you introduce.

We want to know what your favourite shabby chic item is and why?

Picking my favourite shabby chic item is so hard! But I’d say my favourite would be the flowers wound around my bed. These make a boring headboard look beautiful.

How would you use the prize to enhance your shabby chic haven?

If I won the prize, I’d probably have to buy another shelf to put even more shabby chic things on – you can never have enough chic! I’m slowly working on changing the other half of my room into a shabby haven, so I would definitely put the prize towards creating that!

Here are some of the products Kelly purchased with her gift certificate…


 Above are a few Hanging Hearts that were included in Kellys order. These hanging decorations are perfect to place anywhere around the house on door pulls, dressing tables to bedposts to add a subtle touch of character and femininity to Kellys room and complete her desired look or theme.


 These stunning Tealight Holders were also added into Kellys order. All sets of 3 complement each other beautifully, creating a elegant feel to any room. Our range of Tealight Holders can fill any space on a mantelpiece or table letting the warm glow flicker throughout the room creating a luxurious warm environment.


Here are some lovely Vintage Inspired products also selected by Kelly. These pieces are very unique adding a cute decorative feel however they may be used.

New Christmas Products – From Live Laugh Love

Date posted: October 16, 2014


New Christmas Products – From Live Laugh Love

It’s coming up to that special time of year again to deck the halls with boughs of holly. As they say “Tis the season to be jolly”! We have selected some fun yet traditional Christmas decorations this year to help you dress your home for the festive season.

We have some great tree hanging decorations to help show off your Christmas tree in all its glory. Let’s face it, it is the focal point in the room on Christmas day. We have fabulous shiny silver jingle bells hanging from red gingham ribbon, they are great value for money and can fill a tree at very little expense.

For the true traditionalists in us we have different types of gingerbread men and women. Their cute shapes stand out on your Christmas tree.


For counting down to the big day we have various advent pieces from cotton bunting with little pockets to fill with their favourite treats. Rows of classic wooden pegs with numbers to clip on the gift of the day, and traditional calendars to brighten up and decorate a wall.


If you are looking for a wreath, why not try our heart and star rustic twiggy ones with little L.E.D light packs. No need for plugs. They look lovely in a window or make a warm welcome on your front door.

There’s also Our best-selling wooden Christmas garland would adorn any fireplace. With coloured lettering and rustic ribbon tied between the letters this piece swags across your mantle with pure Christmas style.


See their faces Christmas morning when you get out our large hessian sacks from Santa. Fill with their precious parcels and gifts and leave under the tree or at the end of their beds on Christmas Eve.  It does say DO NOT OPEN UNTIL THE 25th, but better to be safe than sorry. They are also great for transporting around presents from house to house. Be your very own Santa!

Christmas Ribbon is always a must have. Use to tie up your gifts and around the home for finishing touches. You’ll be amazed at what tying on a little piece of ribbon can do.

We have some great shelf sitters this year too. Elegant shabby chic cream and gold with beautiful Christmas phases and go totally rustic country with wooden Robbins and reindeers.


Don’t forget our gorgeous silver antique glass candle sticks and tea light holders. Set the mood when these are lit with twinkly flickering candle light. They will set the atmosphere perfectly when the sun goes down on Christmas day.


All that’s left to say is thankyou for reading and we wish you a very merry and peaceful Christmas :)

New Products – From Live Laugh Love

Date posted: September 9, 2014


New Free-Standing Words

The new products from Live Laugh Love have a range of wooden script words that create a classic theme. These inspirational words are the perfect partner for adding a personal touch to your home and make a super shabby chic gift.

The new Collection is made from hardwood and is painted, finished by hand. Whether you want to Believe, Dream, Relax, or just Love, these inspiring words will make a statement in any room.


New Hanging Decorations

Our new collection of Hanging Decorations are made from hardwood and have been hand painted with distressed edges.

The collection has an array of themes from Hanging Angels to Scottie Dogs. These hanging decs’ add the ideal finishing touch to your home. They can be hanging from door knobs, photo frames, or just a spare hook.

The white wood and natural twine make them suitable enough to fit in with almost everyone’s themed home. A perfect gift that will not break the bank.

 New Products – From Live Laugh Love


New Mirrors

 The new mirror selection has been hand painted and distressed. They have a real decorative look and make a centerpiece for a room. A sense of romance is a running theme and the perfect partner for a shabby chic bedroom.

To make a real feature of these mirrors, paint the backdrop a darker tone to make them really stand out. A feature wall with a collective of different sized mirrors look stunning and a real talking point. Here is an image below for better understanding.

mirror on wall



New Frames

Our new range of Photo Frames can hold single or multiple photos. Hearts are a running theme through this new collection and a country style with natural wood grain finish  are for those who like the traditional.

Painted and distressed with a scrolled top is a classic shabby chic look. These photo frames make great memory holders and the perfect gift for a shabby chic wedding.



New Product Selection

The new range features a wide product selection from shabby chic clocks, to vintage rose ceramic hearts. These items are shabby chic and vintage inspired. Live Laugh Love has created a exclusive, pretty and practical selection of new products. The pure white colour will make it easy to place these pieces within your home.

New Products from Live Laugh Love

Date posted: June 25, 2014

New Products from Live Laugh Love


A recent photo shoot of new products from Live Laugh Love has us really excited about our summer collection. With our usual theme of shabby chic, country style, nautical décor, and vintage wedding accessories, you will not be disappointed with the eclectic mix.

Our new shabby chic clocks are well represented in this summer season collection. The variety of colours and patterns will make placement for any room in your home. These pretty practical time pieces have a vintage theme with faded flower and distressed edges. A lovely new addition is a ‘Pink Floral Bird Clock’ that hangs from a satin white ribbon. The chintz pattern, script detail and vintage theme to this bird wall clock is a must have for all you shabby chic lovers!


Nautical décor and accessories from Live Laugh Love are the perfect option when you want to bring the beautiful sense of summer time into the comfort of your own home. Whether it’s the relaxing sound of waves washing up the beach as you bask in the sunshine or taking a dip and enjoying the sea. You just can’t beat the feeling of the seaside.

With nautical interiors getting ever so more popular it gives you the chance to start getting creative! Create a sense of the coastline to your home with a brand new nautical range from Live Laugh Love. There is a new selection of accessories to choose from and create the look that is perfect for you. You can drift between hanging rustic signs reminding you of what the seaside is all about or a  ‘welcome aboard’ hanging buoy to make a fantastic wall feature.

These new products can either freshen up your nautical themed room or give you the perfect excuse to start decorating! Our freestanding ‘Gone Fishing’ boat accessory with its rustic blue wooden base and net sail is a lovely feature and a must have. The new range also features our distressed pale blue ‘Nautical Toilet Roll Holder’ finished with a whitewash effect. This product features a little wooden seagull, sea shells, rope decoration and little rustic boat with fabric sail. Simply fantastic for any themed bathroom!

wedding products

With our new collection of wedding accessories from Live Laugh Love you can add an extra bit of sparkle to what is such a special day. Garnish the wedding tables with our simply gorgeous ‘Clear Crackle Glass Tea light Holders’ to set a real pretty scene. We also have our new ‘Clear Glass Bottles’ with a hanging silver key decoration and pearl white satin ribbon, these would add a wonderful addition alongside any table decorations with the ability to add the sprigs of your favourite flower inside for a beautiful natural feel.

Our new collection also brings beautiful wedding gift ideas. Capture the special memories and place them in our lovely shabby chic ‘Mr & Mrs White Freestanding Photo Frame’ with its distressed edges this product would look fantastic on a mantel piece or shelf.

The hanging heart accessories that feature in our new collection can simply hang on a bedroom door handle and would make a perfect gift token to the newly weds and an everlasting memory of the special event. Alongside some of our smaller wedding present ideas we have these lovely glazed ‘Mr & Mrs Ceramic Magnets’ that could be perfect to give with one of our gift certificates.

Monogram Cushions

Date posted: May 1, 2014

Monogram Cushions

Monogram cushions

A Monogram is a motif made by overlapping or combining two or more letters to form a symbol. Monograms are often a combination of initials of an individual or company, that create symbols or logos. Monograms have been used for many centuries and some of the earliest examples are 4948names of Greek cities on coins. Another early device was a seal that made an impression in wax, clay, paper, or some other medium. The impression thus made a seal of authority that was a monogram or crest of the purveyor. The original purpose was to authenticate a document, a wrapper for one such as a modern envelope, or the cover of a container or package holding valuables or other objects.

Monogram Cushions

Monograms are signatures of artists and craftsmen that make their Monogram cushionsworks of art easily recognized.

Our Monogram cushions have been inspired by the French flair for Monogram cushionsdecoration. The individual monograms on our cushions are fancy pieces of art and are used to adorn these everyday items.

The monograms are created with embroidery and layers of fabric applied onto the cushion cover.

The monogram cushions have lace, fabric and ribbon details. With frilled edges and pleated layers the attention to detail  in these monogram cushions is executed to a high standard. With The tie up backs make it easy to remove 4894the inners and are a real feature. The 100% cotton fabric is user friendly and washes extremely well, please note that is our personal experience .

A great look with these cushions is to style a room with distressed shabby chic furniture, French mirrors, antique accessories ,these all blend well with soft whites and taupe colour backgrounds.

These monogram cushions have a vintage theme and create a romantic look that is exclusive to Live Laugh Love