Birds, Blooms and Butterflies

Date posted: August 14, 2013

Decorative Birds,blooms and butterflys frameWe are wondering what started our affair with our love for birds, blooms and butterflies it could be an attraction with the great outdoors, the sound of a song bird a pair of butterflies dancing in the wind or a garden in full bloom,it seems a constant draw to see nature and appreciate its beautiful way. Over the last couple of years we have brought you a large range of our natures finest. Perhaps it’s the vibrant colours and wonderful shapes and silhouettes. Maybe we imagine our gardens and our love for the outdoors, either way we seem to be surrounding ourselves and homes with them. It may be a simple hanging decoration, a beautiful plaque for the wall or a shabby chic garland. The styles are endless with romantic,decorative country, rustic and distressed being just some of them.

Butterfly BottleHanging White Bird/Heart

They may be teamed with beads and hearts for that extra live laugh love vintage look, with a void of products to choose from and our customers enjoying our range, It seems the trend is still on so we will Hanging Butterflycontinue our hunt for even more beautiful birds, blooms and butterflies to enhance your homes and bring the outdoors indoors,Birds,Blooms and Butterflies are a great combination and we have many products using all three. These products are a great gift for friends and family especially for those who love their gardens and nature. A wonderful idea is to create a room or space with this theme in mind,I have seen some beautiful hand painted wall papers with butterflies in vibrant colours,Look out for pretty fabric to cover or reupholster benches,chairs and sofas,tie the look in with curtains or blinds,shutters are a great product and go very well with this style. These are main pieces of the room so keep the flooring simple,just some neutral painted or limed flooring will do the trick. A window mirror and decorative lamp will be a good start to the accessories. Take a look at the birds, blooms and butterflies photo frame, simple trinkets ,and tea light holders a sprinkling of these we finish the look.

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