Country Kitchen Accessories

Date posted: October 10, 2013

Country kitchen accessories are the perfect way to add the finishing touches to your country kitchen.  In a country kitchen the accessories and utensils are on display and easy to reach. A classic example is an open dresser filled with pretty jugs, crockery and cutlery.  The ingredients are stored in glass jars making it clear to recognise the produce.  Shelves store pans and measuring jugs. Cubby holes with recipe cards, twine and scissors. The country kitchen is a practical and durable place.

country kitchen accessories country kitchen accessories country kitchen accessories

Country kitchen accessories are a favourite category of Live Laugh Love. The array of products within this section makes it diverse and interesting.  Farmhouse style products with quirky hen and chicken motifs add a real touch of the farmyard. Farmer’s market general store jute bags and holders add a real country theme.  Practical storage solutions are in abundance with our array of tin ware. The bread bins, biscuit tins and cat treats are a few of the vintage style named containers.

country kitchen accessories

country kitchen accessoriescountry kitchen accessoriesChalkboards are a necessity in a country kitchen and we have a great selection to suit many tastes. The fresh eggs and refreshing tea designs are visually colourful, while the rustic wooden chalkboard organiser has an area for storing mail, shopping lists and pegs for tea towels or utensils.

Country Kitchen Accessories

country kitchen accessories

country kitchen accessoriescountry kitchen accessoriesVintage style signs add a touch of retro fun whilst the kitchen rules plaque keeps the family in order.

Use our flour shakers and measuring spoons to aid your baking and cake making.  Our kilner jars and presentation bottles are the perfect way to present you’re freshly made products, looking great on display and make super gifts for friends and family.

country kitchen accessories

country kitchen accessoriescountry kitchen accessoriesCountry kitchen accessories are a real way to add personality to your kitchen. A lovely look is to use our wire-work draining boards, kitchen roll holders and baskets.  The filigree metal adds a vintage French feminine touch.

Above all keep it cosy and remember the kitchen is the heart of the home.

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