Date posted: March 10, 2014

 BuntingBunting was originally made from a wool fabric and manufactured at the start of the 17th Century . The Royal Navy use it as signal flags and the officer responsible for raising the bunting was known as Bunts and still this term is used today.

Today bunting is a term for any festive decoration made of fabric, plastic or even card board.

The typical forms of bunting are lengths of colourful triangular flags that are joined with string or ribbon.

Bunting is a nostalgic part of our heritage and has been used for many events. With street parties and fairs it makes an announcement to the local area of the intended event.

Nostalgic bunting

It seems the perfect partner for picnics and barbecues.

Bunting is really easy to make and is great for using up old fabric, clothes and tea towels.

BuntingFollow the basic principles of making a template, this can be made to any size flag that is required.

With a little patient cutting of the fabric into flags and tying them on to a string, cord or ribbon it is a fun way to get the whole family involved. Dress your garden from pillar to post or fence to the tree.Nautical bunting

Bunting can be used indoor and outdoors and can be created in many different styles. With a shabby chic style use worn fabrics that have pretty flowers and ditzy patterns.

With a Nautical theme the union jack or royal blues look super.

Use white lace bunting for a shabby chic or vintage style wedding.

With the country style check fabrics work well or take a look at our selection.

http://www.livelaughlove.co.uk/Bunting/ .

Whether you chose to buy or make your own , in no uncertain terms bunting will add a vintage look to the proceedings.


Vintage outdoor dining

Date posted: February 24, 2014

With Spring fast approaching and we are looking forward to vintage outdoor dining, it seems that we need those warm summer evenings for an alfresco supper.

Vintage tea party

There is a certain charm about vintage outdoor dining and a sense that it is really relaxing and is not so formal. A casual approach to setting your vintage outdoor dining experience or  party, works well with mixed cups and saucers, mums old jug and nan’s teapot a real country living spectacle.

At Live Laugh Love we have an abundance of decorative three tier cake plate accessories to garnish the outdoor feast.

Cake plates with three, two and single tiers will give height and brilliant presentation.

Use old and new bottles, mix and matched colours and fill with your favourite blooms from the garden, this creates a wonderful centre piece for the vintage outdoor dining table and adds a dash of shabby chic.

Vintage outdoor dining

Use old style luggage labels or tags for the seating arrangement. We love bunting whether it is bought or hand made it has a real nostalgic look and really promotes the garden party.

A Selection of substantial twigs from the garden placed into a plant pot or vase and pinned with Vintage outdoor diningblack and white photos of past memories makes a great memory tree. Out Door LED lighting is great to create a warm atmosphere, use a few strings of our drops or heart and garnish the table or around the area.

tea light holdersTea light holders make a real statement and when they shimmer in the dust light create an endearing site.

Think vintage with this theme …remember those street parties and a sense of community. Making do and mend was a way of life. One part of having a great out door dining experience or party is about the fun and celebration of the event and who is with us and remembering the great people that have left us.


Photo Frames from Live Laugh Love

Date posted: February 18, 2014

At Live Laugh Love we love photo frames and have a range of products to suit many occasions.

Photo frames from Live Laugh LoveOur sentiment frames express words of love and they live happily ever after, the ideal gift for the couples special day. Create a lovely montage of photos from a happy event, holiday or someone special to you.

Those inspirational words of live laugh love arePhoto frames from Live Laugh Love found on a selection of multi frames. We specialize in shabby chic and have a large selection of single and multi frames that replicate this style . Our shabby chic frames are painted and lightly distressed to reveal the wood grain. With a shabby chic wedding use our photo frames as table numbers , favours or just a montage of happy memories displayed in them to garnish the big day.Photo frames from Live Laugh Love

The heart is a symbol  we use through out the site and the photo frame category has them in abundance. With many different styles to choose from these are the perfect gift for a loved one or a valentine.

With Butterfly’s  on trend it seems  natural progression for us to see the delightful insects appearing on our range of photo frames. 

Photo frames from Live Laugh Love

Create a feature wall full of photo frames that can become a focal point of the room. Mix and match the styles and basis colours to maximise the impact. Our photo frames are possessions that make a house a home. With these possessions they will create personality and make our homes unique.

Photo frames from Live Laugh Love

Photo frames from Live Laugh Love

Our homes create an impression of our likes and taste so it is important to Live Laugh Love what we buy :-) .

Pretty Vintage Style

Date posted: February 11, 2014

Pretty Vintage Style

http://www.livelaughlove.co.uk/home.phpWe love the pretty vintage style and our on-line web store has created this look.  When expressing this style try to use a single colour scheme.  It is important to use soft tones with your chosen colour.Our preferred colour for this style is pink with an overall mix of prints and patterns.Use stripes, checks and floral patterns to offset this look.Vintage style

This style is very feminine and is great for a bedroom or boudoir.Try to use some antique pieces of furniture that you can purchase form local shops, markets or auction houses. These vintage pieces may need a little TLC to bring them back to life, but the rewards are well worth it.

Pretty Vintage Style

Pretty vintage styleThe pin pointers of creating this pretty look is to have faded fabric that are gentle worn and easy on the eye.Steer clear from stark and bright colours.  Soft pastels are the answer.A mood board will compound your intentions and Pretty vintage stylehelp with the final decisions. With distressed painted and worn furniture in a room this will create a shabby chic interior. The Shabby chic look has become very popular in the last few years and when used with pretty vintage accessories it creates a really unusual combination .Shabby chic style is a speciality of Live Laugh Love and we really Love this unique look and creates the style of yesteryears.

Opulent Glass

Date posted: January 29, 2014

Opulent Glass


We have hand-picked this exclusive collection of opulent glass.  This range has a vintage style and has been influenced by opaline glass. Opaline glass has been produced for many centuries by many different countries. Its presence was first seen in France at the turn of the 1800s and reached a peak of production during the reign of Napoleon III in the 1850s.Its decorative style was popular throughout Europe and became a fashionable interior accessories during our mid Victorian period.  A large variety of products were produced including vases, bowls, decanters and many types of table ware.

This glass had a high lead content and was defined as demi-crystal or semi-crystal. Opaline glass was hand blown and had a polished pontil on the bottom.

Our range of opulent glass has a sophisticated look. When the products and colours are mixed inOpulent glass Opulent glassheight and purpose they create real impact.  Equally a table display with the same colouring has an elegant look and achieves a visual feast.  To create a shabby chic wedding display use thisOpulent glass range with an excessive amount of fresh flowers and sprinkle diamantés onto the table.

This vintage style collection has a selection of candle sticks, votives and tea light holder in an array of colours and sizes. The range has some pieces that are plain and simple to those who are rich in colour with diamonds and pearls. We love the fading of colour through each item and love the fact that each piece is unique and exclusive to Live Laugh Love.

Vintage Style Weddings

Date posted: January 7, 2014

Vintage Style Weddings

If you’re choosing to have a vintage style wedding, or organising someone else’s wedding, with a vintagevintage style weddings style theme, there are a great range of products available to help create the gorgeous and beautiful style you want to create. And at Live Laugh Love, we’re also here to help inspire you along the way.

vintage style weddingsTake a look at wedding ideas on the site, but before you do, let us have a brainstorm of what will really set your special day alight. Lighting is incredibly important in creating any kind of mood or atmosphere, and a wedding is no exception. For centre table displays, use delicate antique tea light holders and pretty vintage style weddingscandles or use hanging tea light holders for some extra charm. The romantic and warm candle light, displayed in these elegant holders will set the tone for romance beautifully and classically.


Dried flower hearts can be used on the end of pews and backs of chairs and rose garlands can be draped as table decorations.  We have cake plates and stands that will set the tone beautifully, making your day really stand out to everyone. Use white lace paper bunting to garnish the marquee or outside areas. Shabby chic photo frames work

vintage style weddings

perfectly to display table numbers, and why not use one of our vintage or shabby chic mirrors to write the table arrangements on and place by the entrance to the dining area? All these little touches will add up to a wonderful vintage style wedding.vintage style weddings

Take a look at the extensive range of products and ideas on the website for more inspiration in making your day look and feel perfect, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Wedding photo frames would make great gifts to take home for friends and family, or the bridesmaids and VIPs. There is also a wonderful range of wedding gift ideas, so why not add some to your wedding list? Whatever you’re looking for to create a vintage style wedding, Live Laugh Love is the number one destination for all your needs. 


Beautiful interiors at Live Laugh Love

Date posted: December 14, 2013

Beautiful Interiors at Live Laugh Love

Beautiful Interiors are our aim at Live Laugh Love. We look at our home as being a place of Beautiful interiorssanctuary and expressing our personalities. We talk about nesting and buying products that we have hand-picked to make our home special to us.  Our aim is to help you create a comfortable and relaxed home that friends and family will be warmed by its cosy appeal.  We love to use tea lights, candles and flowers to enhance the Beautiful interiorsambiance.  With flickering candle light and the smell of freshly cut flowers this makes it peaceful in our homes.

Our selection of products will help your transform your home.  Our range of products will cater for a broad spectrum of styles.  As a general rule we have a vintage style to all of our range. We love beautiful interiors and are committed in helping our clients chose quality and unique items for their homes.Beautiful interiors

Shabby chic is one of our styles and is full of personality making it a running theme throughout the website. Shabby chic embraces worn paintwork and faded fabrics. Shabby chic accepts Beautiful interiorsBeautiful interiorsimperfection and regards them as being part of its character of a beautiful interior. Our country living theme is prominent with cut out hearts and flowers being sprinkled into every category. Our hanging hearts are used for those finishing touches around the home.

So think retreat, relax and inspire and create your very own nest.

Top 10 Christmas Gifts

Date posted: December 5, 2013

We have compiled our top 10 Christmas Gifts.

This pretty range of products has lead the way with Christmas gifts. With butterflies and birds being even more popular they fit nicely into our top 10. Live Laugh Love motto products have been well feature and rightly so :-) .It seems that the smaller products that are under £10 have been used as stocking fillers. With these Shabby chic products only being a small part of the range click here to view all   http://www.livelaughlove.co.uk/Shabby-Chic-Accessories/





Mercury Glass

Date posted: November 28, 2013

 Mercury Glass

Mercury Glass is also known as silver glass and has been produced for many centuries. This mercury Mercury glassGlass is blown glass that is then silvered with a liquid silvering solution. The silvering is a chemical process that coats the glass with a reflective substance. The silvering is mottled Mercury glassand crates a mirrored effect. This gives the Glass a vintage style that creates the look of yesteryears. Even though it is still called Mercury Glass no mercury is used during the process.Mercury glass

When our range of practical and pretty silver glass is put together it creates an opulent and Mercury glasssophisticated look.

There are many different colours in this Glass range, but the main one is silver. We have an extensive range of tea lights in many shapes and sizes. Mercury Glass and tea lights are the perfect combination.  The candle light shimmers through the glass and reflects around the room so creating a warm and luxurious feel.

 Mercury Glass

Our tea light range has proven popular for shabby chic and vintage style weddings, restaurants Mercury glassand even at home with a posy of flowers. Candle sticks are ideal for a mantel piece or garnishing a dining table. Our trinket pots look great on a dressing table filled with rings and things. Jars with lids are ideal for cotton buds or pads. Our bottles are great as diffusers or just as a decorative piece. Place card holders add Mercury glassthe finishing touches to your perfectly laid table or special event.

At live laugh love we love Mercury Glass and hope you enjoy it as we do.

Shabby Chic Christmas Table

Date posted: November 22, 2013

With so much to organise, the festive feast, presents to buy and wrap, the house to decorate it’s no wonder the Christmas table is left on the back burner.  We have some ideas to make the big day go Shabby Chic Christmas Tablea little smother.Try using our vintage style place card holders, these look great and organize the table’s placement.

Shabby Chic Christmas Table

Our mercury glass candle sticks with candles create height and add a touch of sparkle to the table along with our glass bead and crystal napkin rings.Shabby Chic Christmas Table

Use some twigs from the garden spray with fake snow as a centre piece and hang some small table presents so your guests can choose randomly from the twiggy tree.

Shabby Chic Christmas Table

Our range of glass ware will add some Victorian vintage charm to your Shabby Chic Christmas table.  Vintage style glass bowls are great for the condiments and sauces. Glass stands and plates will display the festive treats and goodies. Our hearty jugs filled with gravy and bread sauce and tie with some Christmas ribbon completes an elegant and sophisticated look that is such a Shabby Chic Christmas table display.

Shabby Chic Christmas Table

We have 3 tiered plate stands that are ideal for theShabby Chic Christmas Table evening sandwiches and mince pies. The best approach is to use the products that are around us first, forage for twigs, ivy and mistletoe from the garden an top up with products from live laugh love.

This eclectic approach will make a practical and unique look which will not break the bank.