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Country Chic interior

Date posted: September 17, 2013

Country Chic interior

Country Chic interior is all about practicality, as well as style. It is less French than Shabby Chic and plainer in appearance. Think heavy, sturdy kitchen tables and chunky items that can stand a Country Chic interiors lot of wear and tear and that is half the look already. Well-loved items that have stood the test of time and sometimes been passed through the generations are great additions to any country chic interior.

Country Chic interior

3668Beyond the wooden, heavy-duty furniture and wooden floorboards, hearts and ribbons are great ways to add more character. You can hang hanging hearts of all shapes and sizes around your kitchen or add some gingham ribbon or material where you can for added comfort and to give the room some elegance. The love heart symbol can also be cut into furniture or if you have room, get some slightly faded love-heart or floral cushions. Light pinks, whites and blues set the scene amongst the pine944 décor well and will add real personality to your usable space and create your country chic interior

Of course, not only kitchens can inspire your country chic interior, but any room of your choice, from the lounge to your bedroom. Essentially, anywhere that will accommodate chunky, hard wearing furniture will make a great country chic place. If your home is large enough, you could theme your entire home in this theme.

209Bring the outside indoors with a bunch of lavender, posy of flowers or a twig wreath placed around your home. This will add to the look, feel and smell, creating the ultimate country chic atmosphere. Painted tong n groves are also fantastic ways to give a really authentic feel; such a small addition can make a tremendous difference when going for a country chic theme.Things to remember when decorating ‘country chic’ style:4223

  1. Go for sturdy, chunky, loved, hard wearing furniture. Give it a modern twist to freshen it up if you need to.
  2. Pine is fantastic- think tables, dressers, chairs etc.
  3. Use the heart symbol- either in fabrics, or cut into furniture.
  4. Think heavy, think chunky!