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Retro Interiors

Date posted: September 16, 2013

Retro Interiors

Retro interiors are part of Live Laugh Loves range of styles.  We love that nostalgic look that Retro interiorsreminds us of yesteryears, drawing inspiration from the 1950s, 60s and 70s.  Our product range of wall clocks, kitchen accessories, soft furnishings and ribbons will give those finishing touches to any retro interior.

Our retro look is a recreation of the pure unadulterated form, but has a modern twist to bring this style up to the twenty-first century with appealing colours and shapes.

Retro interiorsThe retro look is very visible with our cream tin ware. The vintage shapes and lettering give this this range a real retro look. With these products being mostly for storage they will give your kitchen or utility room function as well as style.Retro interiors

At Live Laugh Love we love polka dots. Within our range you will find some quirky colourful bright products. These little gems will add a touch of retro charm to your home.

Retro interiors

Retro interiors With an abundance of retro furniture available from flea markets and second hand shops, try up cycling an original piece. It may need a new coat of paint or maybe a stain and polish, either way it will smarten up a vintage relic and give you the desired look.This type of creative work makes this furniture unique and a real conversation piece, what could be better than bringing back to life a part of our history and someone is bound to say I remember  we use to have one of those.We love to Retro interiorspersonalize our own homes and space and there is real passion when we do it from start to finish.

Retro interiorsWith the retro interior look there is a growing abundance of styled radios, phones, clocks or lamps that are fit for purpose available from the high street. Mix these in with your original pieces; don’t be afraid to mix the old and new.