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Inspirational words and phrases around the home

Date posted: August 28, 2013


Inspirational words and phrases around the homeBeyond the shabby chic, the vintage and the country décor, the simpleCherish,Dream, Live and inspirational phrase of live, laugh and love is what drives and enthuses us. Words to live by, to fill your home with, to bring to yourself and your loved ones every day. ‘Live well, laugh often, love much’ are just the tip of the ice burg when it comes to reminding ourselves what we all need in our day-to-day lives. Fill your abode with positive statements and it really does make a difference.

Believe in your dreams

Decorate your home with items subtly urging you to remember the simple things- ‘dance like no-one’s watching’, ‘home is where the heart is’, ‘home sweet home’, ‘sing like no-one can hear you’, ‘believe in your dreams and they will come true’. The sentiments are simple, and that is what our homes should be all about; letting go of the hastiness of outside, the stress of our jobs, the smell of the tube. Home is where we should all feel completely free and at ease with others and ourselves. We can dress down, feel completely comfortable and cherish our precious free time.

At Live Laugh Love, we really believe that the world can be a much better place if people think Live Laugh Loveabout doing things more simply, and by living by these simple statements. Find phrases that connect with you and live your life by them. You can also consider what phrases might be useful to your loved ones, as these make great gifts and token gestures- ‘cherish, love, thanks’ for example. You may want to choose different sentiments for different areas of your home. For people with green fingers, how about ‘a garden us food for the soul’?  We love inspirational words and phrases around the home it is great to walk from room to room and see great statements that inspire us and


The bathroom is a great place to feature the humorous, or maybe more poignant statements, especially when you think about how much time we spend in there studying the walls or the back of the door!  Give yourself and those that visit or share your home a lift where they weren’t expecting it. Look for items that will accompany your shabby chic interior, but lift you, warm you and remind you to enjoy the simple thing and embrace your home.

Tea light holders and lighting

Date posted: August 20, 2013

shabby chic lampSilver glass tea light holder Country tea light holder

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, lighting is one of the most important factors in creating the right mood in your home. Most of us work in the day, so a huge proportion of the time we spend at home, is when it’s dark. I personally cannot bare blaring ceiling lights but love soft, gentle lighting dotted around the place ,so tea light holders and shabby chic lamps and candles are an ideal addition to your home . After a day in an the office with overbearing lights beaming down at me, nothing can beat the gentle warm glow from a lamp and some candles.

Tea light holders and lighting around the home

Tea light holders

Gentle lights will not only will the mood be instantly changed to a chilled out and relaxed one, but lamps and candles also make wonderful decorations. Use a shabby chic or vintage lamp in that darkened corner to brighten it up and give it some light, and go for a low wattage bulb to get a low light effect, but ultimately, it’s candles that really achieve a Glass silver tea light holderrelaxed atmosphere. You can use candles everywhere in your home, from the dining table, to the fire place in the living room, to the bedroom or the bathroom. Just think about how much more you enjoy a good soak in the bath when you have several scented candles flickering away.Antique glass tea light holders

Chose some delicate tea light holders that compliment the rest of your décor, so all you need to do is have a bag of tea lights on hand to replenish the candles as they burn. Perfume the air with subtle smells and you will soon feel beautifully relaxed after a hectic day. Mercury glass tea light holders are a favourite at Live Laugh Love as the light shines through the patterned gaps, creating a lovely lighting effect. The glow created by candlelight is welcoming and homely, and great for snuggled up evenings, setting a creative tone for a special night in, or just unwinding after a busy day at work.Take the opportunity to use our range of tea light holders or candles for a wedding idea,they will create that sumptuous mood and are great as a memory of the day or favour.Shabby chic candles

I often see people only bring candles out around Christmas, but this is such a waste. Of course, candles and candle holders make excellent festive decorations, but they should be used all year long. The simplicity of low lighting and candle light should not be restricted to the winter, but used year-round to help us unwind, decorate our homes, create a warm and inviting environment and make our homes shimmer.


Birds, Blooms and Butterflies

Date posted: August 14, 2013

Decorative Birds,blooms and butterflys frameWe are wondering what started our affair with our love for birds, blooms and butterflies it could be an attraction with the great outdoors, the sound of a song bird a pair of butterflies dancing in the wind or a garden in full bloom,it seems a constant draw to see nature and appreciate its beautiful way. Over the last couple of years we have brought you a large range of our natures finest. Perhaps it’s the vibrant colours and wonderful shapes and silhouettes. Maybe we imagine our gardens and our love for the outdoors, either way we seem to be surrounding ourselves and homes with them. It may be a simple hanging decoration, a beautiful plaque for the wall or a shabby chic garland. The styles are endless with romantic,decorative country, rustic and distressed being just some of them.

Butterfly BottleHanging White Bird/Heart

They may be teamed with beads and hearts for that extra live laugh love vintage look, with a void of products to choose from and our customers enjoying our range, It seems the trend is still on so we will Hanging Butterflycontinue our hunt for even more beautiful birds, blooms and butterflies to enhance your homes and bring the outdoors indoors,Birds,Blooms and Butterflies are a great combination and we have many products using all three. These products are a great gift for friends and family especially for those who love their gardens and nature. A wonderful idea is to create a room or space with this theme in mind,I have seen some beautiful hand painted wall papers with butterflies in vibrant colours,Look out for pretty fabric to cover or reupholster benches,chairs and sofas,tie the look in with curtains or blinds,shutters are a great product and go very well with this style. These are main pieces of the room so keep the flooring simple,just some neutral painted or limed flooring will do the trick. A window mirror and decorative lamp will be a good start to the accessories. Take a look at the birds, blooms and butterflies photo frame, simple trinkets ,and tea light holders a sprinkling of these we finish the look.

Decorative Bottles

Date posted: August 12, 2013

Decorative bottles from Live Laugh Love

Decorative bottlesWe love using Decorative bottles at  Live Laugh Love  ,they go with our range of vintage style interiors and enhance any room in the home. In the Water Closet or bathroom they will look lovely with lotions and potions, or a special bubble bath.With birds and butterflies becoming a fashionable accessory,look out for the more decorative versions, these can be displayed by there selves or in larger quantities to make a real statement around your vintage inspired home.Decorative bottles can also be mixed and matched in styles and colours to create an eclectic look.   Decorative Home Sweet Home bottle

With a single stem they can be used in any room and look fantastic on a mantel piece with lots of flowers in them ,place these decorative bottles at different heights to create a real country chic look.They make a wonderful table decoration for the home or dotted around a vintage styled wedding ,incorporated with our aged tea light holders and candles and make a fantastic table display.

Decorative Country storage bottle

Decorative Bottles 

In a country kitchen for storing herbs and spices.How about infusing you favourite oils with fresh rosemary or thyme,making a vinaigrette and store in the kiln-er jars with decorative lids.Have you tried making your own ex foliating scrub or moisturising cream a great way to know what is in the product and also to save you money.Use these jars or decorative bottle to present your gift to friends and family, The uses are endless so keep  looking at the website to see what is new and inspiring. To create shabby chic styles use our more elaborate bottles with decorative flowers and ribbons.Improve the look by adding pastel colours, faded labels, and cherubs. These finishing touches tie the look in altogether and add a little je ne sais quoi or you might just say sophistication.

Heart Decorations Around The Home

Date posted: August 8, 2013

Heart Decorations Around The Home

from Live Laugh Love

Heart Decorations

The love heart is the most recognisable symbol there is, representing romance and love, but also affection and friendship. You can incorporate heart decorations all around your home, in the form of signs, hanging decorations, on material or cut into furniture. It is a wonderful way to add the finishing touch to a space and give it a zing of personality.Heart Decorations Live Laugh Love

Hearts are simple, warming and welcoming and are great at highlighting a colour theme or style. For example, when used in a country chic room, you might want to consider gingham material hearts that co-ordinate with your colour scheme. Wooden hearts will also bode well in a country chic space as it adds to that chunky, hard wearing and homely look.

Heart Decoration cabinetIf you want to add heart decorations to a vintage space, look at hearts made from metal or wire, or painted white ones that will compliment the rest of your décor. Again, in a shabby chic setting, there are many ways you can incorporate hearts to add a message of warmth.Heart Decorations

Not only can you use hearts as decorations, but think of ways to use them practically. How about a wire heart decoration that doubles as a photo holder, or name holder? You can either use this as a wall decoration by adding some precious memories in the form of your favourite photographs, or you could use it at an event to display the seating plan.Heart Decoration chalkboard

There is also the pretty but useful slate hanging heart decoration that you can use chalk to write simple messages to your loved ones on. Be it a message you have written on yourself, or a heart with a message or statement already provided, hearts are a lovely way to help you keep those sentiments around your home.

Heart cushionThere are a huge variety of heart decorations that will help to personalise any space, with a multitude of different colours and designs, from plain ones, to floral ones, union jack ones, to those with sweet sentiments written on them. Whichever hearts you go for around your home, they are a delightful and easy way to get the finishing touch you desire.How can you use hearts in your home?

  1. Hearts will flatter any style, from the shabby chic to the vintage look, just consider what type of heart decoration will suite our décor best.
  2. Use hearts for decoration as well as practicality for holding your photographs.
  3. Chose hearts that feature your favourite homely sentiments to bring extra warmth to your home.

Stunning Shabby Chic Interior Decor from Live Laugh Love

Date posted: August 2, 2013

Stunning Shabby Chic Interior Decor

from Live Laugh Love

Shabby Chic Interior Decor

At Live Laugh Love we are heavily inspired by shabby chic décor and interiors. It is a term that reflects not just a look or style, but also quality.

The look is largely dependent on recycling old furniture and giving pieces a new lease of life. For example, an old chest of drawers that still has plenty of life left but is out of place, could be stripped back and painted- maybe a soft pastel shade, and maybe new knobs could be added, and hey presto, a brand new old piece is created and has a new life ahead! It is all about reinventing and accessorising. Faded or worn looking furniture and fabrics complete the look perfectly, giving that loved and lived in look.

Shabby Chic Interior Decor

It is not just the furniture and accessories that create the look. Soft colours, like pastels and greys work brilliantly as a background colour for your shabby chic pieces. Painted and waxed floor boards are also great at bringing the shabby chic look to completion. Pretty floral fabrics decorating your table tops, as curtains or turned into cushions are great ways to establish a genuine shabby chic theme.

Lighting is incredibly important for any space when attempting to create a particular theme or mood. Candles fit perfectly with this look, so think about how you wish to present them and where in your room will benefit from them the most (just make sure they are not a fire hazard! No candles Shabby Chic tea light holdersnext to curtains, please!). Pretty chandeliers with Crystal drops are also a popular and effective way of decorating your light source.

All shabby chic homes need flowers, so make sure you have some attractive vases to house your clusters of flowers or roses. Consider chintz pottery to bring out the floral fabrics you have used. Mirrors are a perfect way of making your home appear bigger and brighter, but think about the detail on the mirrors you chose- make sure they are in keeping with the shabby chic look you are going for.So, to achieve the shabby chic look in your home, remember:Shabby Chic mirrors

Painted and recycled furniture with a worn/rubbed appearanceShabby Chic Interior Decor

  1. Floral fabrics that may look slightly faded
  2. For background colours, stick to soft greys or pastels and painted and waxed floor boards.Consider how your room is lit- how can you make your ceiling lights work more effectively and where can you use candles? Flowers,and lots of flowers.