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Decorative Cushions

Date posted: September 26, 2013


If you’re anything like us, you love a good sprinkling of decorative cushions. For comfort as well as style, they make great additions to your home and help you achieve your desired look and Decorative Cushionsatmosphere.  Wherever you have space, we say add a cushion, or as many as you can- be it on your sofa, chair, bed, in your bedroom, in your lounge or in your country chic kitchen! A decorative scatter cushion can make a real difference. Live Laugh Love have a large selection of decorative cushions to suit many interiors, ranging from patchwork with a mixture of floral chintz, checks and stripes in an array of colours and sizes.

Decorative CushionsThe best thing about adding cushions is that the fabric can really set off the décor and colours of the space surrounding them. They’re also a pretty economical way to make a pretty big difference visually.  We would suggest mixing old with new, as we would with all of our products. Don’t throw out that bag of cushions from the loft without checking if there’s anything that can be washed and used again now, then consider what would work well with them.


Decorative Cushions

Subtle tones and faded fabrics create an effortless elegant and classy interior. For the shabby chic lover, there are frills and pretty lace and for those that prefer the French châteaux look, there areDecorative Cushions monogram cushions. Of course, there are hearts and more hearts, as well as plenty of other shabby chic and country chic designs, such as Decorative Cushionsbirds and butterflies. There are also our favourite- Live Laugh Love appliqué cushions. We love cushions as you can change where they are in your home as frequently as you like. They will last and last, can be washed, moved, recycled and used again and again. Do not under-estimate the simple but loved cushion! 

Shabby Chic Gifts

Date posted: September 23, 2013

Shabby Chic Gifts

Live Laugh Love specialize in shabby chic gifts. We have put together a collection of presents that have been sourced from the UK, Europe and internationally.  Live Laugh Love have inspiring  giftsshabby chic gifts for any special occasion or event. Our range of shabby chic gifts will cover many occasions from birthdays, wedding, christenings, a new home to a leaving or teachers present.

Our range of photo frames and multi frames have gently worn edges and a vintage look, a great present for the shabby chic lover. Our hanging hearts are the perfect shabby chic gift. They are made from an array of materials and plentiful in colour and style. Why not use our hanging hearts as a super valentines gift with impressed cherubs, painted red hearts and sentimental messages they will be well received. We have many tea light shabby chic giftsshabby chic giftsholders, candles and votive s, gifts that can cater for most peoples budgets and are an ideal token gesture.  The pretty and practical range of jugs are a great gift that has versatility with its uses, from a bouquet of flowers to the cream for afternoon tea, this range of jugs are sure to be a hit with those who love the shabby chic look.

Shabby Chic Gifts

shabby chic giftsWe have shabby chic gifts for the wedding day. This category has plaques and hearts with Shabby chic giftsmessages of love, happiness, and dreams of the future. A great way to prevail all the best wishes to the happy couple on their special day.  Finish the perfect shabby chic gift by tying them with our fabric ribbons and labels. This will present your gifts in a special and unique way.

Shabby chic giftsWe have gift certificates, the perfect solution when you are short of time or cannot find the right gift. It’s easy to do, just fill in your name, email and message and we will do the rest.

Gifts are an expression of gratitude, friendship, love  and on many occasions a simple thank you.

Country Chic interior

Date posted: September 17, 2013

Country Chic interior

Country Chic interior is all about practicality, as well as style. It is less French than Shabby Chic and plainer in appearance. Think heavy, sturdy kitchen tables and chunky items that can stand a Country Chic interiors lot of wear and tear and that is half the look already. Well-loved items that have stood the test of time and sometimes been passed through the generations are great additions to any country chic interior.

Country Chic interior

3668Beyond the wooden, heavy-duty furniture and wooden floorboards, hearts and ribbons are great ways to add more character. You can hang hanging hearts of all shapes and sizes around your kitchen or add some gingham ribbon or material where you can for added comfort and to give the room some elegance. The love heart symbol can also be cut into furniture or if you have room, get some slightly faded love-heart or floral cushions. Light pinks, whites and blues set the scene amongst the pine944 décor well and will add real personality to your usable space and create your country chic interior

Of course, not only kitchens can inspire your country chic interior, but any room of your choice, from the lounge to your bedroom. Essentially, anywhere that will accommodate chunky, hard wearing furniture will make a great country chic place. If your home is large enough, you could theme your entire home in this theme.

209Bring the outside indoors with a bunch of lavender, posy of flowers or a twig wreath placed around your home. This will add to the look, feel and smell, creating the ultimate country chic atmosphere. Painted tong n groves are also fantastic ways to give a really authentic feel; such a small addition can make a tremendous difference when going for a country chic theme.Things to remember when decorating ‘country chic’ style:4223

  1. Go for sturdy, chunky, loved, hard wearing furniture. Give it a modern twist to freshen it up if you need to.
  2. Pine is fantastic- think tables, dressers, chairs etc.
  3. Use the heart symbol- either in fabrics, or cut into furniture.
  4. Think heavy, think chunky!

Retro Interiors

Date posted: September 16, 2013

Retro Interiors

Retro interiors are part of Live Laugh Loves range of styles.  We love that nostalgic look that Retro interiorsreminds us of yesteryears, drawing inspiration from the 1950s, 60s and 70s.  Our product range of wall clocks, kitchen accessories, soft furnishings and ribbons will give those finishing touches to any retro interior.

Our retro look is a recreation of the pure unadulterated form, but has a modern twist to bring this style up to the twenty-first century with appealing colours and shapes.

Retro interiorsThe retro look is very visible with our cream tin ware. The vintage shapes and lettering give this this range a real retro look. With these products being mostly for storage they will give your kitchen or utility room function as well as style.Retro interiors

At Live Laugh Love we love polka dots. Within our range you will find some quirky colourful bright products. These little gems will add a touch of retro charm to your home.

Retro interiors

Retro interiors With an abundance of retro furniture available from flea markets and second hand shops, try up cycling an original piece. It may need a new coat of paint or maybe a stain and polish, either way it will smarten up a vintage relic and give you the desired look.This type of creative work makes this furniture unique and a real conversation piece, what could be better than bringing back to life a part of our history and someone is bound to say I remember  we use to have one of those.We love to Retro interiorspersonalize our own homes and space and there is real passion when we do it from start to finish.

Retro interiorsWith the retro interior look there is a growing abundance of styled radios, phones, clocks or lamps that are fit for purpose available from the high street. Mix these in with your original pieces; don’t be afraid to mix the old and new.

Vintage Style interiors

Date posted: September 9, 2013

Vintage Style Interiors

The vintage style within your home is a great way of creating an environment that is comfortable and easy to live with. The style is all about returning to items and ideas that have a proven past and have stood the test of time. It is a look of yesteryears that is generally less than 100 years old.Vintage Style Interiors These looks and items are brought up to date, but maintain a classic feel, rather than an overtly modern one. Pretty painted shelves and cabinets and naturally faded fabrics are simple ways to kick-start a vintage style interior for your home, but there is much more to considerVintage Style Interiors.Finding vintage gems can be exhausting and involve a whole lot of travelling. The reproduction side of things came about when the Internet became more accessible, making it a lot easier for people to get their hands on the vintage pieces they desired for their homes. While you can get your hands on some real reproduction treats, mix them up with vintage Vintage Style Interiorspieces from your local flea market or antique fair. You will be amazed at what you might find just around the corner. Check to see if your local second hand outlet- has what you are looking for, and for a bargain price!

Vintage Style Interiors

The vintage look has become increasingly popular in recent years as it evokes nostalgia, recallingVintage Style Interiors the stability and comfort of previous years. The vintage look is achievable through using tried and tested pieces that have been given a modern twist to make them relevant and appealing today.

At Live Laugh Love, we adore vintage suitcases and 1930s eiderdowns. You can use the suitcases as decoration in themselves, as well as storage, and the eiderdowns just exude comfort and that homely feel. Pressed glass is also a great way to dress up a vintage home, and of course, these can also prove very practical. Ditzy flower china, French wire work and enamel are all great things to look out for when putting the finishing touches on your personalised space.

Vintage Style Interiors Vintage style interiors Vintage style interiorsMix together the old with the new and you will be amazed at how the work together. Pieces that look like they are taken directly from an era in the last century mixed with a few shabby chic accessories and some worn looking reproduction items should ensure that your vintage look is complete and utterly unique.

When going for the vintage look, think about:

  1. Getting your hands on some original items from the past 100 years that still have life in them.
  2. Go for some reproduction vintage pieces.
  3. What comforts you when you think of homes from the past? Where did you spend treasured times of your childhood?
  4. Mix old with new pieces
  5. Check out your local flea market, antique fair,or second hand store.

Nautical Décor from Live Laugh Love

Date posted: September 5, 2013

Nautical Décor and accessories from Live Laugh Love

Nautical Décor and accessories from Live Laugh LoveNautical Décor and accessories from Live Laugh Love is the solution when you are feeling a little land-locked? Counting the down the days until your next holiday? Just Nautical Décor and accessories from Live Laugh Loveimagine the sound of the waves, the sun beaming down happily, warm soft sand, and of course, a delicious ice cream in a cone from the ice cream van. Nautical décor is becoming increasingly popular, as we all seem to be longing for the fresh air that only coastal living can give you. While this theme will not grant you the actual sea, sun, sand and ice cream (am I alone in Nautical Décor and accessories from Live Laugh Loveneeding ice cream in this equation?), nautical décor can certainly generate a bright and coastal atmosphere in your home.

Let your imagination go wild when you take a bath in a bathroom decorated as though it is situated charmingly in a holiday town where the sea casually lapse at the shore day in, day out. The idea of sun, sand and sea is exciting and puts us all in a good mood, and this way you don’t need to worry about the sea Bathroom accessoriesair affecting your hair. With Live Laugh Loves  nautical accessories you can create a look that is low key and relaxed it really does generate a whole new vibe within your home. Bathrooms are the most popular rooms to decorate this way, but nautical bedrooms can also feel really refreshing, as can any other space you want to enhance in this style. Create that bright and breezy feel of coastal living by using whites and shades of blue. Painted white washed woods along with shuttered windows will really set the scene, and then it is all about the nautical accessories

Nautical Décor

Weathered and distressed painted furniture, doors and skirting boards will complete the larger parts of the nautical look. When the basics are completed, get some driftwood accessories and Nautical Décormaritime memorabilia. This look is as much inspired by the past as it is by being by the seaside. Collect some shells from your next trip to the beach or holiday and use them around you nautical themed space. Get your hands on some rustic rope and hang some wooden hearts with some heavy string. Striped cushions will add comfort as well as add to the look and consider introducing a small amount red as a contrast Nautical Décoragainst the whites and blues.When going for a nautical theme, here are some tips:

  1. Go for whites and blues, with a hint of red.
  2. Distressed painted furniture, skirting boards- and anything wooden will look great.
  3. Collect shells when you are at the beach- they are free and you can find some beautiful ones if you look hard enough!
  4. Start looking out for nautical accessories, from maritime memorabilia to driftwood accessories to rustic rope. Be creative and add your own individual taste.