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Decorative Ribbon

Date posted: October 31, 2013

Decorative Ribbons

Decorative Ribbon

Our range of decorative ribbons are great for those finishing touches.  The range consists of a variety of styles and colours.  With gingham and hearts in abundance they make a real country Decorative Ribbonstatement.  How about tying your country jugs with a decorative bow.  Sew a boarder of ribbon onto a plain tea towel for a finishing touch.  Hanging a heart or dried flower decoration in the window or on a cupboard.

Decorative ribbonsThe soft whites and cream decorative ribbons are ideal for those finishing touches for a wedding.   Use them to tie name cards for each table seating plan.  The napkins for your big day will look fantastic tied with a bow of “to have and to hold” ribbon.  The favours will look elegant with the “with love” decorative ribbon. Use for tying a bouquet of flowers or a garnish at the end of a pew.


Decorative Ribbons

Decorative Ribbon

Our “do not open until 25th December” Christmas ribbon is ideal for tying a special present.  The “merry Christmas” decorative ribbon is just perfect for those finishing bows on the festive tree.  Simply pined to a wall or door to hold your Christmas cards.  A lovely idea is to tie a wreath of pine cones and hang it in front of a mirror or over mantle, a real Christmas statement.Decorative Ribbon

Being creative with its uses, will make your home or event unique and memorable for your friends and family.

French Chic Interiors

Date posted: October 29, 2013

French chic interiors

French Chic Interiors

With the enduring appeal of French chic Interiors from the rustic provincial in the south to the Parisian chic in the north of France, there is a style to suit most tastes.French chic interiors

French chic interiorsOur vintage French furniture and French styled accessories can give your home that “je ne sais quoi”.With style and detail the French certainly have that.  When considering a French chic style look out for such details as toile patterns, cabriole legs, carved and scrolled work on furniture. French chic interiors The painted French furniture we stock has been restored from start to finish.  From any initial treatments to the repairing, filing in and painting process.  With the finished colours our pallet is neutral with subtle whites and greys.  The details on the furniture can be highlighted by over painting or distressing. French chic interiors

With French chic interiors its more about being flamboyant and letting your creative side overflow. When using a softer background with off whites, soft greys and duck egg blues, use a touch of gold or silver to add a real sense of luxury.

French chic interiors

The fleur de lys, rococo and baroque styles all can be added to a room especially the boudoir where an over the top approach works well.French chic interiors

French chic interiorsBefore purchasing any items try a sample of material, paint, wall paper, flooring etc. Put them onto a mood board, play around with textures and colours before making the final purchases. Most of all enjoy.

Decorative Wall Hooks

Date posted: October 25, 2013

Decorative wall hooks

Every room in a home can use our decorative wall hooks. Live Laugh Love has a large range to supply your needs.Decorative wall hooks

Losing track of your keys then look no further.  We have a selection of decorative wall hooks that are ideal for keeping your keys tidy and altogether.Decorative wall hooks

Our decorative wall hooks have been influenced by the shabby chic style. Not only are hooks practical, they are now like pieces of art. With lightly distressed cream flowers and birds this decoration is sure to enhance a romantic look.

Decorative wall hooks

The heart decoration is used throughout this section and is perfect for a country style interior.  With wire work, wooden and cut out hearts this easily recognised symbol will give your home a warm Decorative wall hookswelcome.

Our more decorative hooks are on painted wooden boards that have detailed flowers and birds. This decoration is a real piece of artwork Decorative wall hooksand is practical and pretty.

A country kitchen will look great with our range of cupcake vintage plaques with hooks. There bright colours and sweet designs will add a touch of fun, Ideal for hanging tea-towels and utensils.  Also for the country kitchen, look out for the hen and chicken hooks real farmyard flavours.

Decorative Wall Hooks Decorative wall hooks

Rustic wooden wall plaques hold French vintage styled hooks with ceramic knobs, an ideal addition to a hallway for coats and hats.

We a large range of colour and styles this section is really diverse.

Bathroom Accessories

Date posted: October 22, 2013

Bathroom accessories from Live Laugh Love have a vintage style.  We love the vintage look and Shabby chic mirrorshave a great selection of products to enhance your bathroom.  Our bathroom accessories will give character to your home.

Use a large vintage or shabby chic mirror to make a smaller bathroom appear more spacious.  If space is not an issue a great look is an Bathroom accessories ornate mirror over each sink unit. This creates style and substance.

The vintage look refuses to date and is a real classic that has stood the test of time.  We have plaques or door signs that will add a touch of nostalgia to the boudoir or powder room. The coordinated sets have real style. Their designs will suit the classic to the romantic look.  With storage for lotions and potions, tooth brushes and soap Bathroom accessoriesthey will create a feature.

Bathroom Accessories

Soap dishes are a lovely way to display our Savon de Marseille soap.  We have a Variety of styles and colours to match your décor.Decorative bottles are a great way to display your body and bathing products.

Wall hooks for towels and robes are a speciality of Live Laugh Love.   Many of our hooks are French inspired and add a touch of shabby chic to your bathroom accessories.

Bathroom accessories

Everyone needs a retreat to relax, soak and unwind from the4298 daily stresses. Use our inspirational words and shelf sitters to create a sanctuary.

Out rustic wall signs will add a touch of fun toBathroom accessories your bathroom, with the “bathroom rules sign” being very popular and will keep your family in check and your room in order!

Pretty Jugs from Live Laugh Love

Date posted: October 17, 2013

Pretty Jugs from Live Laugh Love

Pretty jugs

There is something inspiring about using pretty jugs around the home.  The versatility they present with being both functional and ornamental. They can display a beautiful bouquet or a pretty posy hand-picked from Pretty jugs your garden. Our dainty smaller jugs are ideal for milk and cream and are perfect for afternoon teas or coffee mornings.  Our larger ones filled with gravy and sauces will be the perfect partner for Sunday lunch.

Pretty jugs A great look is to fill a shelf with an array of different sizes and coloured jugs.  This may sound a little eclectic but it becomes a real feature of the room.Pretty jugs

A country theme just shouts for decorative hearts on these pretty jugs.

Birds, flowers and butterflies are becoming a running theme with a lot of our products. Our jug range has not missed out.   Softer colours with faded flowers are a real favourite and give a real shabby chic look.

Pretty Jugs From Live Laugh Love

Pretty jugs The range of chintz jugs have substance and style with these nostalgic patterns that have been re-design from the 1930’s.  This vintage theme is growing in popularityPretty jugs

The country kitchen is a great place to use our range of pretty jugs and will make the cooking a more enjoyable experience.

A look we love to create is light into a corner by using a mirror behind a small table, a large pretty jug filled with tall stemmed  flowers, surround with glass candle sticks and smaller trinkets, this will create interest with light and colour. Making an easy way to improve an area in your home.

Savon de Marseille soaps

Date posted: October 15, 2013

Savon De Marseille Soap

Savon de Marseille Soap

Savon De Marseille Soaps have the perfect environment to be produced. The South of France during the summer months has 12 hours of sun shine per day.  With an average Temperature of 81 °F for this season it is no wonder the plant harvests are full and rich in aroma.

The Savon De Marseille Soaps are hand made in a traditional way using quality ingredients.  The soaps produce a creamy lather that is great for skin care with its mildness and antibacterial quality’s.  The gorgeous aroma fills your bathroom with an inducing fragrance.  They moisturise and help nourish your skin and are an indulgent pleasure to use.

Savon de Marseille Soaps

Orange blossom water is used for its distant citrus and floral aroma.  It is distilled from the flowers ofSavon de Marseille Soap the orange tree. It adds that unmistakeable orange essence to this Savon de Marseille Soap soap.French lavender is a popular ingredient and really has that romantic essence of brushing through a garden filled with this evocative plant.

The olive and olive leaf are products from this beautiful tree. They have been basking in the Mediterranean sun for centuries.  The harvests from its branches are a product filled with versatility that we use in abundance in everyday life.  It is the perfect natural moisturiser and is used to retain your skins water content.Savon de Marseille Soap

Savon de Marseille Soap Magnolia essence offers a wonderful aroma. Its stimulating smell gives your respiratory system a sense of fulfilment and is a natural antibacterial product.

Rose blossom is harvested from this perennial shrub.  Soaps are made from attar of roses or rose oil. This is produced from steam distilling the crushed petals of roses. For every two thousand flowers it produces 1 gram of oil, so making this soap very luxurious with a depth of aroma.Savon de Marseille Soap

Almond oil is produced from the dried kernels of this plant and is a great emollient for the skin.  Its distinct aroma reminds me of a freshly baked frangipane or battenberg cake!

Savon de Marseille Soap Honeysuckle blossom has a sweetly scented aroma and is well presented in this Savon De Marseille Soap.  Its essence is captured with the thought of this profusely flowering plant that loves to climb and trail our gardens.

Our range of soaps are sold individually or in sets of six and really encompass a piece of France.


Country Kitchen Accessories

Date posted: October 10, 2013

Country kitchen accessories are the perfect way to add the finishing touches to your country kitchen.  In a country kitchen the accessories and utensils are on display and easy to reach. A classic example is an open dresser filled with pretty jugs, crockery and cutlery.  The ingredients are stored in glass jars making it clear to recognise the produce.  Shelves store pans and measuring jugs. Cubby holes with recipe cards, twine and scissors. The country kitchen is a practical and durable place.

country kitchen accessories country kitchen accessories country kitchen accessories

Country kitchen accessories are a favourite category of Live Laugh Love. The array of products within this section makes it diverse and interesting.  Farmhouse style products with quirky hen and chicken motifs add a real touch of the farmyard. Farmer’s market general store jute bags and holders add a real country theme.  Practical storage solutions are in abundance with our array of tin ware. The bread bins, biscuit tins and cat treats are a few of the vintage style named containers.

country kitchen accessories

country kitchen accessoriescountry kitchen accessoriesChalkboards are a necessity in a country kitchen and we have a great selection to suit many tastes. The fresh eggs and refreshing tea designs are visually colourful, while the rustic wooden chalkboard organiser has an area for storing mail, shopping lists and pegs for tea towels or utensils.

Country Kitchen Accessories

country kitchen accessories

country kitchen accessoriescountry kitchen accessoriesVintage style signs add a touch of retro fun whilst the kitchen rules plaque keeps the family in order.

Use our flour shakers and measuring spoons to aid your baking and cake making.  Our kilner jars and presentation bottles are the perfect way to present you’re freshly made products, looking great on display and make super gifts for friends and family.

country kitchen accessories

country kitchen accessoriescountry kitchen accessoriesCountry kitchen accessories are a real way to add personality to your kitchen. A lovely look is to use our wire-work draining boards, kitchen roll holders and baskets.  The filigree metal adds a vintage French feminine touch.

Above all keep it cosy and remember the kitchen is the heart of the home.

Floral interiors

Date posted: October 4, 2013

Floral Interiors

Floral interiorsIf you admire things that are pretty and feminine then look no further than Live Laugh Love. WeFloral interiors have floral interior products in abundance. Our vintage country look takes its inspiration from beautiful fabrics, rustic furniture and dainty accessories.

Bare in mind that less is more with floral interiors.  If every furnishing has a floral pattern this will become visually cluttered.  So be selective with your items. Our approach is to use soft back ground colours that are neutral. Allow the pretty chintz patterns and fabrics Floral interiorsto become the focal point of the room. A simple way to do this is by selecting a range of cushions that have a variety of flowered patterns.Use large roses to ditsy daisies all with a similar tone in colour and place them on a neutral sofa, this will create a feature and warmth in a room.  Floral interiors

Floral Interiors

Another example of floral interiors is to paint a sideboard or chest of drawers in a soft white colour with a neutral backdrop, highlight  this area with a chintz lamp, floral fabric covered boxes, some pretty painted glass and a few Floral interiors hanging hearts to create the look. With this look in your home it creates a cosy feel and is very adaptable. Many of these floral pattered products can rotate their positions in the home so keeping it fresh and new to your friends and family.Floral interiors are a great way to bring the outdoors indoors. Through out the seasons your home will remain in the summer time even during the winter months.The choices are huge with floral patterns, so pick a favourite flower or colour use that theme and most of all ENJOY.

Shabby Chic Mirrors

Date posted: October 1, 2013

Shabby Chic Mirrors

Live Laugh Love has a great variety of shabby chic mirrors. Mirrors play an important part of improving the look and feel of our homes.  They open the light into darker corner or area and are a brilliant aid to making a room seem larger.Shabby chic mirrors

Space is so important to us and with a lack of it within our homes making use of every inch is important.   A common mistake is to overfill a room with furniture that is too large. The furniture must be in proportion to the room size. A sense of scale is important and a variety of furniture in different sizes will make each piece stand out.Shabby Chic Mirrors  When selecting a mirror, think about how it will reflect the light and add a new dimension to the space.  A great idea is to place the mirror opposite a window that looks onto the garden, it will reflect the outdoors indoors and so creating an open look.Shabby Chic Mirrors

Shabby chic mirrorsAdding multiple mirrors to a wall of different shapes and sizes will make this collage a statement piece.  Our selection of quality shabby chic mirrors have wooden frames, are painted and have been distressed to create the look of yesteryears.  The gently worn edges create a look of elegance and style and can be placed in a multitude of rooms. The heart shabby chic mirrors add a sense of romance to a room. The more decorative mirrors are great placed on a bolder wall colour for real impact.

Shabby Chic Mirrors

We have several ornately carved shabby chic mirrors, mix with a chandelier, toile wallpaper, and some painted carved furniture, these are the basis of a French theme room.

Live Laugh Love has a selection of different sized mirrors, many that can be hung horizontal or vertical so always measure your space before selecting your mirror and most of all enjoy.