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Beautiful interiors at Live Laugh Love

Date posted: December 14, 2013

Beautiful Interiors at Live Laugh Love

Beautiful Interiors are our aim at Live Laugh Love. We look at our home as being a place of Beautiful interiorssanctuary and expressing our personalities. We talk about nesting and buying products that we have hand-picked to make our home special to us.  Our aim is to help you create a comfortable and relaxed home that friends and family will be warmed by its cosy appeal.  We love to use tea lights, candles and flowers to enhance the Beautiful interiorsambiance.  With flickering candle light and the smell of freshly cut flowers this makes it peaceful in our homes.

Our selection of products will help your transform your home.  Our range of products will cater for a broad spectrum of styles.  As a general rule we have a vintage style to all of our range. We love beautiful interiors and are committed in helping our clients chose quality and unique items for their homes.Beautiful interiors

Shabby chic is one of our styles and is full of personality making it a running theme throughout the website. Shabby chic embraces worn paintwork and faded fabrics. Shabby chic accepts Beautiful interiorsBeautiful interiorsimperfection and regards them as being part of its character of a beautiful interior. Our country living theme is prominent with cut out hearts and flowers being sprinkled into every category. Our hanging hearts are used for those finishing touches around the home.

So think retreat, relax and inspire and create your very own nest.

Top 10 Christmas Gifts

Date posted: December 5, 2013

We have compiled our top 10 Christmas Gifts.

This pretty range of products has lead the way with Christmas gifts. With butterflies and birds being even more popular they fit nicely into our top 10. Live Laugh Love motto products have been well feature and rightly so :-) .It seems that the smaller products that are under £10 have been used as stocking fillers. With these Shabby chic products only being a small part of the range click here to view all