Floral interiors

Date posted: October 4, 2013

Floral Interiors

Floral interiorsIf you admire things that are pretty and feminine then look no further than Live Laugh Love. WeFloral interiors have floral interior products in abundance. Our vintage country look takes its inspiration from beautiful fabrics, rustic furniture and dainty accessories.

Bare in mind that less is more with floral interiors.  If every furnishing has a floral pattern this will become visually cluttered.  So be selective with your items. Our approach is to use soft back ground colours that are neutral. Allow the pretty chintz patterns and fabrics Floral interiorsto become the focal point of the room. A simple way to do this is by selecting a range of cushions that have a variety of flowered patterns.Use large roses to ditsy daisies all with a similar tone in colour and place them on a neutral sofa, this will create a feature and warmth in a room.  Floral interiors

Floral Interiors

Another example of floral interiors is to paint a sideboard or chest of drawers in a soft white colour with a neutral backdrop, highlight  this area with a chintz lamp, floral fabric covered boxes, some pretty painted glass and a few Floral interiors hanging hearts to create the look. With this look in your home it creates a cosy feel and is very adaptable. Many of these floral pattered products can rotate their positions in the home so keeping it fresh and new to your friends and family.Floral interiors are a great way to bring the outdoors indoors. Through out the seasons your home will remain in the summer time even during the winter months.The choices are huge with floral patterns, so pick a favourite flower or colour use that theme and most of all ENJOY.

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