Mercury Glass

Date posted: November 28, 2013

 Mercury Glass

Mercury Glass is also known as silver glass and has been produced for many centuries. This mercury Mercury glassGlass is blown glass that is then silvered with a liquid silvering solution. The silvering is a chemical process that coats the glass with a reflective substance. The silvering is mottled Mercury glassand crates a mirrored effect. This gives the Glass a vintage style that creates the look of yesteryears. Even though it is still called Mercury Glass no mercury is used during the process.Mercury glass

When our range of practical and pretty silver glass is put together it creates an opulent and Mercury glasssophisticated look.

There are many different colours in this Glass range, but the main one is silver. We have an extensive range of tea lights in many shapes and sizes. Mercury Glass and tea lights are the perfect combination.  The candle light shimmers through the glass and reflects around the room so creating a warm and luxurious feel.

 Mercury Glass

Our tea light range has proven popular for shabby chic and vintage style weddings, restaurants Mercury glassand even at home with a posy of flowers. Candle sticks are ideal for a mantel piece or garnishing a dining table. Our trinket pots look great on a dressing table filled with rings and things. Jars with lids are ideal for cotton buds or pads. Our bottles are great as diffusers or just as a decorative piece. Place card holders add Mercury glassthe finishing touches to your perfectly laid table or special event.

At live laugh love we love Mercury Glass and hope you enjoy it as we do.

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