Nautical Décor from Live Laugh Love

Date posted: September 5, 2013

Nautical Décor and accessories from Live Laugh Love

Nautical Décor and accessories from Live Laugh LoveNautical Décor and accessories from Live Laugh Love is the solution when you are feeling a little land-locked? Counting the down the days until your next holiday? Just Nautical Décor and accessories from Live Laugh Loveimagine the sound of the waves, the sun beaming down happily, warm soft sand, and of course, a delicious ice cream in a cone from the ice cream van. Nautical décor is becoming increasingly popular, as we all seem to be longing for the fresh air that only coastal living can give you. While this theme will not grant you the actual sea, sun, sand and ice cream (am I alone in Nautical Décor and accessories from Live Laugh Loveneeding ice cream in this equation?), nautical décor can certainly generate a bright and coastal atmosphere in your home.

Let your imagination go wild when you take a bath in a bathroom decorated as though it is situated charmingly in a holiday town where the sea casually lapse at the shore day in, day out. The idea of sun, sand and sea is exciting and puts us all in a good mood, and this way you don’t need to worry about the sea Bathroom accessoriesair affecting your hair. With Live Laugh Loves  nautical accessories you can create a look that is low key and relaxed it really does generate a whole new vibe within your home. Bathrooms are the most popular rooms to decorate this way, but nautical bedrooms can also feel really refreshing, as can any other space you want to enhance in this style. Create that bright and breezy feel of coastal living by using whites and shades of blue. Painted white washed woods along with shuttered windows will really set the scene, and then it is all about the nautical accessories

Nautical Décor

Weathered and distressed painted furniture, doors and skirting boards will complete the larger parts of the nautical look. When the basics are completed, get some driftwood accessories and Nautical Décormaritime memorabilia. This look is as much inspired by the past as it is by being by the seaside. Collect some shells from your next trip to the beach or holiday and use them around you nautical themed space. Get your hands on some rustic rope and hang some wooden hearts with some heavy string. Striped cushions will add comfort as well as add to the look and consider introducing a small amount red as a contrast Nautical Décoragainst the whites and blues.When going for a nautical theme, here are some tips:

  1. Go for whites and blues, with a hint of red.
  2. Distressed painted furniture, skirting boards- and anything wooden will look great.
  3. Collect shells when you are at the beach- they are free and you can find some beautiful ones if you look hard enough!
  4. Start looking out for nautical accessories, from maritime memorabilia to driftwood accessories to rustic rope. Be creative and add your own individual taste.

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