The Love Heart

Date posted: November 7, 2013

 The Love Heart

The love heart symbol is used throughout our website.The country style heart is short and wide whilst the shaker style heart is long and slender.  Short or long we have every shaped heart there Is.We have hanging hearts for decorating any room or special event.We also have cut-out hearts in

The love heart The love heart The love heart The love heart The love heart The love heart accessories and furniture, in other words we have hearts in abundance.

The Love heart symbol started to be recognised in the middle ages. The use of the heart shape and its metaphoric is

shown in early examples of manuscript and art work.  The heart symbol and its close ties with romance and love are still prominent today.  A classic example is cupid with his arrow piercing a heart. With affection and love being at its centre the love heart is full of emotion.

The love heart The Love HeartThe love heart cupid

We love to use the heart symbol and are proud to have a large range of products associated with it. With wooden, fabric,and ceramic hanging hearts this section shows a large range of products. Our fabric ribbons and cushions have printed and patchwork hearts. Love heart photo frames and mirrors add to the whole concept. Wall shelves, coat and hat racks and cupboards are to name just a few that have a cut out heart detail. Tea light holders in mercury glass are shaped in a love heart and some have etched detail’s. Think of us when a wedding is on the agenda our range will garnish and supply the big day. So when the heart is the perfect gift that says it all think of Live Laugh Love.

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