Opulent Glass

Date posted: January 29, 2014

Opulent Glass


We have hand-picked this exclusive collection of opulent glass.  This range has a vintage style and has been influenced by opaline glass. Opaline glass has been produced for many centuries by many different countries. Its presence was first seen in France at the turn of the 1800s and reached a peak of production during the reign of Napoleon III in the 1850s.Its decorative style was popular throughout Europe and became a fashionable interior accessories during our mid Victorian period.  A large variety of products were produced including vases, bowls, decanters and many types of table ware.

This glass had a high lead content and was defined as demi-crystal or semi-crystal. Opaline glass was hand blown and had a polished pontil on the bottom.

Our range of opulent glass has a sophisticated look. When the products and colours are mixed inOpulent glass Opulent glassheight and purpose they create real impact.  Equally a table display with the same colouring has an elegant look and achieves a visual feast.  To create a shabby chic wedding display use thisOpulent glass range with an excessive amount of fresh flowers and sprinkle diamantés onto the table.

This vintage style collection has a selection of candle sticks, votives and tea light holder in an array of colours and sizes. The range has some pieces that are plain and simple to those who are rich in colour with diamonds and pearls. We love the fading of colour through each item and love the fact that each piece is unique and exclusive to Live Laugh Love.

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