Photo Frames from Live Laugh Love

Date posted: February 18, 2014

At Live Laugh Love we love photo frames and have a range of products to suit many occasions.

Photo frames from Live Laugh LoveOur sentiment frames express words of love and they live happily ever after, the ideal gift for the couples special day. Create a lovely montage of photos from a happy event, holiday or someone special to you.

Those inspirational words of live laugh love arePhoto frames from Live Laugh Love found on a selection of multi frames. We specialize in shabby chic and have a large selection of single and multi frames that replicate this style . Our shabby chic frames are painted and lightly distressed to reveal the wood grain. With a shabby chic wedding use our photo frames as table numbers , favours or just a montage of happy memories displayed in them to garnish the big day.Photo frames from Live Laugh Love

The heart is a symbol  we use through out the site and the photo frame category has them in abundance. With many different styles to choose from these are the perfect gift for a loved one or a valentine.

With Butterfly’s  on trend it seems  natural progression for us to see the delightful insects appearing on our range of photo frames. 

Photo frames from Live Laugh Love

Create a feature wall full of photo frames that can become a focal point of the room. Mix and match the styles and basis colours to maximise the impact. Our photo frames are possessions that make a house a home. With these possessions they will create personality and make our homes unique.

Photo frames from Live Laugh Love

Photo frames from Live Laugh Love

Our homes create an impression of our likes and taste so it is important to Live Laugh Love what we buy :-) .

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