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New Products – From Live Laugh Love

Date posted: September 9, 2014


New Free-Standing Words

The new products from Live Laugh Love have a range of wooden script words that create a classic theme. These inspirational words are the perfect partner for adding a personal touch to your home and make a super shabby chic gift.

The new Collection is made from hardwood and is painted, finished by hand. Whether you want to Believe, Dream, Relax, or just Love, these inspiring words will make a statement in any room.


New Hanging Decorations

Our new collection of Hanging Decorations are made from hardwood and have been hand painted with distressed edges.

The collection has an array of themes from Hanging Angels to Scottie Dogs. These hanging decs’ add the ideal finishing touch to your home. They can be hanging from door knobs, photo frames, or just a spare hook.

The white wood and natural twine make them suitable enough to fit in with almost everyone’s themed home. A perfect gift that will not break the bank.

 New Products – From Live Laugh Love


New Mirrors

 The new mirror selection has been hand painted and distressed. They have a real decorative look and make a centerpiece for a room. A sense of romance is a running theme and the perfect partner for a shabby chic bedroom.

To make a real feature of these mirrors, paint the backdrop a darker tone to make them really stand out. A feature wall with a collective of different sized mirrors look stunning and a real talking point. Here is an image below for better understanding.

mirror on wall



New Frames

Our new range of Photo Frames can hold single or multiple photos. Hearts are a running theme through this new collection and a country style with natural wood grain finish are for those who like the traditional.

Painted and distressed with a scrolled top is a classic shabby chic look. These photo frames make great memory holders and the perfect gift for a shabby chic wedding.



New Product Selection

The new range features a wide product selection from shabby chic clocks, to vintage rose ceramic hearts. These items are shabby chic and vintage-inspired. Live Laugh Love has created an exclusive, pretty and practical selection of new products. The pure white colour will make it easy to place these pieces within your home.

Decorative Bottles

Date posted: August 12, 2013

Decorative bottles from Live Laugh Love

Decorative bottlesWe love using Decorative bottles at  Live Laugh Love  ,they go with our range of vintage style interiors and enhance any room in the home. In the Water Closet or bathroom they will look lovely with lotions and potions, or a special bubble bath.With birds and butterflies becoming a fashionable accessory,look out for the more decorative versions, these can be displayed by there selves or in larger quantities to make a real statement around your vintage inspired home.Decorative bottles can also be mixed and matched in styles and colours to create an eclectic look.   Decorative Home Sweet Home bottle

With a single stem they can be used in any room and look fantastic on a mantel piece with lots of flowers in them ,place these decorative bottles at different heights to create a real country chic look.They make a wonderful table decoration for the home or dotted around a vintage styled wedding ,incorporated with our aged tea light holders and candles and make a fantastic table display.

Decorative Country storage bottle

Decorative Bottles 

In a country kitchen for storing herbs and spices.How about infusing you favourite oils with fresh rosemary or thyme,making a vinaigrette and store in the kiln-er jars with decorative lids.Have you tried making your own ex foliating scrub or moisturising cream a great way to know what is in the product and also to save you money.Use these jars or decorative bottle to present your gift to friends and family, The uses are endless so keep  looking at the website to see what is new and inspiring. To create shabby chic styles use our more elaborate bottles with decorative flowers and ribbons.Improve the look by adding pastel colours, faded labels, and cherubs. These finishing touches tie the look in altogether and add a little je ne sais quoi or you might just say sophistication.