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Shelves – Storage Solutions At Live Laugh Love

Date posted: June 1, 2018

Live Laugh Love are adoring Shelves!

Let’s face it, we all love having shelves in our homes. Not only do they provide a practical storage solution, they can also bring charm, style and beauty. With such a wide variety of shelves available, you are sure to find one that fits any home or style.


Some shelves are used for practical items, for example in the bathroom where you need things close to hand. Instead of hiding these away in a cabinet we love the open shelf where you can display items until your heart is content! We sell wonderful glass bottles in which you can decant from plastic bottles all your lotions and potions and bring prettiness and luxury to your bathroom or bedroom.

Choose your shelf wisely. You need to consider style, size, finish and most importantly that the shelf can house all decor you wish to display.


We like painted shabby chic shelves which are distressed to show the colour underneath. Sometimes this is an original shelf where the paint has worn in natural conditions over the years and from which the term “shabby chic” is derived.

Kitchen shelves are great for your storage canisters, sugar bowl or a pretty row of jugs. Some shelves also come with hooks and hangers. Perfect for storing items such as tea towels, aprons and oven gloves.

Don’t forget pigeon holes whereby the shelf has an array of various compartments. Another great way to show off your favourite bits and pieces.


Any room in your home can house a shelf whether it living room, hallway or bedroom to simply display your photo frames, books and hanging hearts.

Enjoy your shelf browsing and watch as your guests admire the collection you choose to display which will be a focal point of your room.

Shabby Chic Competition

Date posted: October 22, 2014

Congratulations To Our Shabby Chic Competition Winner!

Shabby Chic Competition

So here at Live Laugh Love we recently ran a Shabby Chic Competition held on Instagram. This required the participants to demonstrate their own take on shabby chic within their home for their chance to win.

Kelly Simpson was our selected winner and received the prize of a Live Laugh Love gift certificate worth £100!

As the winner of our Shabby Chic Competition, we felt obliged to get some information about Kelly’s inspirations/Interests and uploaded her response onto our blog for you all to read :)


We want to know how you fell in love with Shabby Chic?

I started falling in love with shabby chic around 2 years ago when I got a job in a town with lots of independent and unique chic interior shops. I used to spend most of my lunchtime spending my wages in them, which was a bad habit, but I created a room I’m really happy with!

Tell us a little bit about how you created your room?

I love shopping around in shabby chic and vintage shops you can find lots of unique shabby chic treasures in them sorts of places. Over the past couple of years I have picked up items I have liked, and it’s all finally come together.  Cream and white really create an open space and make a room look much larger than it seem. As my room is fairly small, I think it’s important I went for a cream and white theme to my room

Where did your inspiration come?

I’m inspired by one off shabby chic shops, as most of the shops set their displays out like you’re walking into a house. I also love Cath Kidston. Her shop displays are always gorgeous and you can get a real idea of matching things in her shop.

Instagram is another inspiration for me, as people often post photos of their houses. You get an insight into what they currently love and their recent interior buys. There’s always endless photos of beautiful interiors on Instagram, that you can easily view by searching for a couple of ‘shabbychic’ hashtags. It would be rude not to mention your beautiful shop too! I’m always on your website looking at all the lovely bits and pieces, and your new products you introduce.

We want to know what your favourite shabby chic item is and why?

Picking my favourite shabby chic item is so hard! But I’d say my favourite would be the flowers wound around my bed. These make a boring headboard look beautiful.

How would you use the prize to enhance your shabby chic haven?

If I won the prize, I’d probably have to buy another shelf to put even more shabby chic things on – you can never have enough chic! I’m slowly working on changing the other half of my room into a shabby haven, so I would definitely put the prize towards creating that!

Here are some of the products Kelly purchased with her gift certificate…


 Above are a few Hanging Hearts that were included in Kellys order. These hanging decorations are perfect to place anywhere around the house on door pulls, dressing tables to bedposts to add a subtle touch of character and femininity to Kellys room and complete her desired look or theme.


 These stunning Tealight Holders were also added into Kellys order. All sets of 3 complement each other beautifully, creating a elegant feel to any room. Our range of Tealight Holders can fill any space on a mantelpiece or table letting the warm glow flicker throughout the room creating a luxurious warm environment.


Here are some lovely Vintage Inspired products also selected by Kelly. These pieces are very unique adding a cute decorative feel however they may be used.