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Vintage outdoor dining

Date posted: February 24, 2014

With Spring fast approaching and we are looking forward to vintage outdoor dining, it seems that we need those warm summer evenings for an alfresco supper.

Vintage tea party

There is a certain charm about vintage outdoor dining and a sense that it is really relaxing and is not so formal. A casual approach to setting your vintage outdoor dining experience or  party, works well with mixed cups and saucers, mums old jug and nan’s teapot a real country living spectacle.

At Live Laugh Love we have an abundance of decorative three tier cake plate accessories to garnish the outdoor feast.

Cake plates with three, two and single tiers will give height and brilliant presentation.

Use old and new bottles, mix and matched colours and fill with your favourite blooms from the garden, this creates a wonderful centre piece for the vintage outdoor dining table and adds a dash of shabby chic.

Vintage outdoor dining

Use old style luggage labels or tags for the seating arrangement. We love bunting whether it is bought or hand made it has a real nostalgic look and really promotes the garden party.

A Selection of substantial twigs from the garden placed into a plant pot or vase and pinned with Vintage outdoor diningblack and white photos of past memories makes a great memory tree. Out Door LED lighting is great to create a warm atmosphere, use a few strings of our drops or heart and garnish the table or around the area.

tea light holdersTea light holders make a real statement and when they shimmer in the dust light create an endearing site.

Think vintage with this theme …remember those street parties and a sense of community. Making do and mend was a way of life. One part of having a great out door dining experience or party is about the fun and celebration of the event and who is with us and remembering the great people that have left us.


Inspirational words and phrases around the home

Date posted: August 28, 2013


Inspirational words and phrases around the homeBeyond the shabby chic, the vintage and the country décor, the simpleCherish,Dream, Live and inspirational phrase of live, laugh and love is what drives and enthuses us. Words to live by, to fill your home with, to bring to yourself and your loved ones every day. ‘Live well, laugh often, love much’ are just the tip of the ice burg when it comes to reminding ourselves what we all need in our day-to-day lives. Fill your abode with positive statements and it really does make a difference.

Believe in your dreams

Decorate your home with items subtly urging you to remember the simple things- ‘dance like no-one’s watching’, ‘home is where the heart is’, ‘home sweet home’, ‘sing like no-one can hear you’, ‘believe in your dreams and they will come true’. The sentiments are simple, and that is what our homes should be all about; letting go of the hastiness of outside, the stress of our jobs, the smell of the tube. Home is where we should all feel completely free and at ease with others and ourselves. We can dress down, feel completely comfortable and cherish our precious free time.

At Live Laugh Love, we really believe that the world can be a much better place if people think Live Laugh Loveabout doing things more simply, and by living by these simple statements. Find phrases that connect with you and live your life by them. You can also consider what phrases might be useful to your loved ones, as these make great gifts and token gestures- ‘cherish, love, thanks’ for example. You may want to choose different sentiments for different areas of your home. For people with green fingers, how about ‘a garden us food for the soul’?  We love inspirational words and phrases around the home it is great to walk from room to room and see great statements that inspire us and


The bathroom is a great place to feature the humorous, or maybe more poignant statements, especially when you think about how much time we spend in there studying the walls or the back of the door!  Give yourself and those that visit or share your home a lift where they weren’t expecting it. Look for items that will accompany your shabby chic interior, but lift you, warm you and remind you to enjoy the simple thing and embrace your home.