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French Chic Interiors

Date posted: October 29, 2013

French chic interiors

French Chic Interiors

With the enduring appeal of French chic Interiors from the rustic provincial in the south to the Parisian chic in the north of France, there is a style to suit most tastes.French chic interiors

French chic interiorsOur vintage French furniture and French styled accessories can give your home that “je ne sais quoi”.With style and detail the French certainly have that.  When considering a French chic style look out for such details as toile patterns, cabriole legs, carved and scrolled work on furniture. French chic interiors The painted French furniture we stock has been restored from start to finish.  From any initial treatments to the repairing, filing in and painting process.  With the finished colours our pallet is neutral with subtle whites and greys.  The details on the furniture can be highlighted by over painting or distressing. French chic interiors

With French chic interiors its more about being flamboyant and letting your creative side overflow. When using a softer background with off whites, soft greys and duck egg blues, use a touch of gold or silver to add a real sense of luxury.

French chic interiors

The fleur de lys, rococo and baroque styles all can be added to a room especially the boudoir where an over the top approach works well.French chic interiors

French chic interiorsBefore purchasing any items try a sample of material, paint, wall paper, flooring etc. Put them onto a mood board, play around with textures and colours before making the final purchases. Most of all enjoy.

Tea light holders and lighting

Date posted: August 20, 2013

shabby chic lampSilver glass tea light holder Country tea light holder

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, lighting is one of the most important factors in creating the right mood in your home. Most of us work in the day, so a huge proportion of the time we spend at home, is when it’s dark. I personally cannot bare blaring ceiling lights but love soft, gentle lighting dotted around the place ,so tea light holders and shabby chic lamps and candles are an ideal addition to your home . After a day in an the office with overbearing lights beaming down at me, nothing can beat the gentle warm glow from a lamp and some candles.

Tea light holders and lighting around the home

Tea light holders

Gentle lights will not only will the mood be instantly changed to a chilled out and relaxed one, but lamps and candles also make wonderful decorations. Use a shabby chic or vintage lamp in that darkened corner to brighten it up and give it some light, and go for a low wattage bulb to get a low light effect, but ultimately, it’s candles that really achieve a Glass silver tea light holderrelaxed atmosphere. You can use candles everywhere in your home, from the dining table, to the fire place in the living room, to the bedroom or the bathroom. Just think about how much more you enjoy a good soak in the bath when you have several scented candles flickering away.Antique glass tea light holders

Chose some delicate tea light holders that compliment the rest of your décor, so all you need to do is have a bag of tea lights on hand to replenish the candles as they burn. Perfume the air with subtle smells and you will soon feel beautifully relaxed after a hectic day. Mercury glass tea light holders are a favourite at Live Laugh Love as the light shines through the patterned gaps, creating a lovely lighting effect. The glow created by candlelight is welcoming and homely, and great for snuggled up evenings, setting a creative tone for a special night in, or just unwinding after a busy day at work.Take the opportunity to use our range of tea light holders or candles for a wedding idea,they will create that sumptuous mood and are great as a memory of the day or favour.Shabby chic candles

I often see people only bring candles out around Christmas, but this is such a waste. Of course, candles and candle holders make excellent festive decorations, but they should be used all year long. The simplicity of low lighting and candle light should not be restricted to the winter, but used year-round to help us unwind, decorate our homes, create a warm and inviting environment and make our homes shimmer.