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Shelves – Storage Solutions At Live Laugh Love

Date posted: June 1, 2018

Live Laugh Love are adoring Shelves!

Let’s face it, we all love having shelves in our homes. Not only do they provide a practical storage solution, they can also bring charm, style and beauty. With such a wide variety of shelves available, you are sure to find one that fits any home or style.


Some shelves are used for practical items, for example in the bathroom where you need things close to hand. Instead of hiding these away in a cabinet we love the open shelf where you can display items until your heart is content! We sell wonderful glass bottles in which you can decant from plastic bottles all your lotions and potions and bring prettiness and luxury to your bathroom or bedroom.

Choose your shelf wisely. You need to consider style, size, finish and most importantly that the shelf can house all decor you wish to display.


We like painted shabby chic shelves which are distressed to show the colour underneath. Sometimes this is an original shelf where the paint has worn in natural conditions over the years and from which the term “shabby chic” is derived.

Kitchen shelves are great for your storage canisters, sugar bowl or a pretty row of jugs. Some shelves also come with hooks and hangers. Perfect for storing items such as tea towels, aprons and oven gloves.

Don’t forget pigeon holes whereby the shelf has an array of various compartments. Another great way to show off your favourite bits and pieces.


Any room in your home can house a shelf whether it living room, hallway or bedroom to simply display your photo frames, books and hanging hearts.

Enjoy your shelf browsing and watch as your guests admire the collection you choose to display which will be a focal point of your room.

Shabby Chic & Vintage Inspired Photo Frames

Date posted: May 3, 2018

Photo Frames & Displays

We here at Live Laugh Love have a massive selection of Photo Frames & Displays. All of these have become household favorites. The shabby chic and vintage inspired frames are available in many various styles. With a gorgeous array in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, you are sure to find the perfect gift or addition for your home. set-5

Multi Frames

Multi frames are a great way to arrange your most loved photos. Ideal for creating a childhood theme or memorable holiday montage. You can fill one of our many multi frames with photos of the happy couple, from the beginning of their journey to the big day. You can even utilise a collection of our Baroque photo frames or our Rococo mini frames. They are ideal for holding guests names and seating places at weddings or other special events. set-1

Decorative Frames

Our decorative photo frames are made from a variety of different materials such as wood, glass, slate, pewter and porcelain. All of our photo frames have a luxury vintage feel. Use the heart shaped rustic country frames to add a touch of love to your kitchen. set-2

Triple Frames

Triple photo frames are the perfect way to display your child’s latest drawing masterpiece or sewing embroidery patch. These novel ideas make a lovely gift or keepsake for family and friends to treasure. set-3

Sentimental Frames

Photo frames with sentimental words are great for personalized gifts. What Grandma, Mum or Daughter doesn’t appreciate a special photograph in a beautiful display? You could also use one of our Mr & Mrs photo frames to display that special someone. set-4

We are all about inspirational prose and everything shabby chic & vintage. Whatever and wherever you choose to place your frames, we are sure you will find what you are looking for in our photo frames section. Happy framing!

Shabby Chic Competition

Date posted: October 22, 2014

Congratulations To Our Shabby Chic Competition Winner!

Shabby Chic Competition

So here at Live Laugh Love we recently ran a Shabby Chic Competition held on Instagram. This required the participants to demonstrate their own take on shabby chic within their home for their chance to win.

Kelly Simpson was our selected winner and received the prize of a Live Laugh Love gift certificate worth £100!

As the winner of our Shabby Chic Competition, we felt obliged to get some information about Kelly’s inspirations/Interests and uploaded her response onto our blog for you all to read :)


We want to know how you fell in love with Shabby Chic?

I started falling in love with shabby chic around 2 years ago when I got a job in a town with lots of independent and unique chic interior shops. I used to spend most of my lunchtime spending my wages in them, which was a bad habit, but I created a room I’m really happy with!

Tell us a little bit about how you created your room?

I love shopping around in shabby chic and vintage shops you can find lots of unique shabby chic treasures in them sorts of places. Over the past couple of years I have picked up items I have liked, and it’s all finally come together.  Cream and white really create an open space and make a room look much larger than it seem. As my room is fairly small, I think it’s important I went for a cream and white theme to my room

Where did your inspiration come?

I’m inspired by one off shabby chic shops, as most of the shops set their displays out like you’re walking into a house. I also love Cath Kidston. Her shop displays are always gorgeous and you can get a real idea of matching things in her shop.

Instagram is another inspiration for me, as people often post photos of their houses. You get an insight into what they currently love and their recent interior buys. There’s always endless photos of beautiful interiors on Instagram, that you can easily view by searching for a couple of ‘shabbychic’ hashtags. It would be rude not to mention your beautiful shop too! I’m always on your website looking at all the lovely bits and pieces, and your new products you introduce.

We want to know what your favourite shabby chic item is and why?

Picking my favourite shabby chic item is so hard! But I’d say my favourite would be the flowers wound around my bed. These make a boring headboard look beautiful.

How would you use the prize to enhance your shabby chic haven?

If I won the prize, I’d probably have to buy another shelf to put even more shabby chic things on – you can never have enough chic! I’m slowly working on changing the other half of my room into a shabby haven, so I would definitely put the prize towards creating that!

Here are some of the products Kelly purchased with her gift certificate…


 Above are a few Hanging Hearts that were included in Kellys order. These hanging decorations are perfect to place anywhere around the house on door pulls, dressing tables to bedposts to add a subtle touch of character and femininity to Kellys room and complete her desired look or theme.


 These stunning Tealight Holders were also added into Kellys order. All sets of 3 complement each other beautifully, creating a elegant feel to any room. Our range of Tealight Holders can fill any space on a mantelpiece or table letting the warm glow flicker throughout the room creating a luxurious warm environment.


Here are some lovely Vintage Inspired products also selected by Kelly. These pieces are very unique adding a cute decorative feel however they may be used.

New Products – From Live Laugh Love

Date posted: September 9, 2014


New Free-Standing Words

The new products from Live Laugh Love have a range of wooden script words that create a classic theme. These inspirational words are the perfect partner for adding a personal touch to your home and make a super shabby chic gift.

The new Collection is made from hardwood and is painted, finished by hand. Whether you want to Believe, Dream, Relax, or just Love, these inspiring words will make a statement in any room.


New Hanging Decorations

Our new collection of Hanging Decorations are made from hardwood and have been hand painted with distressed edges.

The collection has an array of themes from Hanging Angels to Scottie Dogs. These hanging decs’ add the ideal finishing touch to your home. They can be hanging from door knobs, photo frames, or just a spare hook.

The white wood and natural twine make them suitable enough to fit in with almost everyone’s themed home. A perfect gift that will not break the bank.

 New Products – From Live Laugh Love


New Mirrors

 The new mirror selection has been hand painted and distressed. They have a real decorative look and make a centerpiece for a room. A sense of romance is a running theme and the perfect partner for a shabby chic bedroom.

To make a real feature of these mirrors, paint the backdrop a darker tone to make them really stand out. A feature wall with a collective of different sized mirrors look stunning and a real talking point. Here is an image below for better understanding.

mirror on wall



New Frames

Our new range of Photo Frames can hold single or multiple photos. Hearts are a running theme through this new collection and a country style with natural wood grain finish are for those who like the traditional.

Painted and distressed with a scrolled top is a classic shabby chic look. These photo frames make great memory holders and the perfect gift for a shabby chic wedding.



New Product Selection

The new range features a wide product selection from shabby chic clocks, to vintage rose ceramic hearts. These items are shabby chic and vintage-inspired. Live Laugh Love has created an exclusive, pretty and practical selection of new products. The pure white colour will make it easy to place these pieces within your home.

New Products from Live Laugh Love

Date posted: June 25, 2014

New Products from Live Laugh Love


A recent photo shoot of new products from Live Laugh Love has us really excited about our summer collection. With our usual theme of shabby chic, country style, nautical décor, and vintage wedding accessories, you will not be disappointed with the eclectic mix.

Our new shabby chic clocks are well represented in this summer season collection. The variety of colours and patterns will make placement for any room in your home. These pretty practical time pieces have a vintage theme with faded flower and distressed edges. A lovely new addition is a ‘Pink Floral Bird Clock’ that hangs from a satin white ribbon. The chintz pattern, script detail and vintage theme to this bird wall clock is a must have for all you shabby chic lovers!


Nautical décor and accessories from Live Laugh Love are the perfect option when you want to bring the beautiful sense of summer time into the comfort of your own home. Whether it’s the relaxing sound of waves washing up the beach as you bask in the sunshine or taking a dip and enjoying the sea. You just can’t beat the feeling of the seaside.

With nautical interiors getting ever so more popular it gives you the chance to start getting creative! Create a sense of the coastline to your home with a brand new nautical range from Live Laugh Love. There is a new selection of accessories to choose from and create the look that is perfect for you. You can drift between hanging rustic signs reminding you of what the seaside is all about or a  ‘welcome aboard’ hanging buoy to make a fantastic wall feature.

These new products can either freshen up your nautical themed room or give you the perfect excuse to start decorating! Our freestanding ‘Gone Fishing’ boat accessory with its rustic blue wooden base and net sail is a lovely feature and a must have. The new range also features our distressed pale blue ‘Nautical Toilet Roll Holder’ finished with a whitewash effect. This product features a little wooden seagull, sea shells, rope decoration and little rustic boat with fabric sail. Simply fantastic for any themed bathroom!

wedding products

With our new collection of wedding accessories from Live Laugh Love you can add an extra bit of sparkle to what is such a special day. Garnish the wedding tables with our simply gorgeous ‘Clear Crackle Glass Tea light Holders’ to set a real pretty scene. We also have our new ‘Clear Glass Bottles’ with a hanging silver key decoration and pearl white satin ribbon, these would add a wonderful addition alongside any table decorations with the ability to add the sprigs of your favourite flower inside for a beautiful natural feel.

Our new collection also brings beautiful wedding gift ideas. Capture the special memories and place them in our lovely shabby chic ‘Mr & Mrs White Freestanding Photo Frame’ with its distressed edges this product would look fantastic on a mantel piece or shelf.

The hanging heart accessories that feature in our new collection can simply hang on a bedroom door handle and would make a perfect gift token to the newly weds and an everlasting memory of the special event. Alongside some of our smaller wedding present ideas we have these lovely glazed ‘Mr & Mrs Ceramic Magnets’ that could be perfect to give with one of our gift certificates.

Carte Postale

Date posted: April 10, 2014


 Carte Postale

The Carte Postale style originated from a French postcard and had a nostalgic look. The French postcard was officially introduced in December 1872. The designs on these early post cards depicted the Eiffel tower, Marseille Dominique Piazza and many other towns in the south of France followed by Paris. 

Carte Postale MagnetsThe Carte Postale grew in popularity after the Paris exposition in 1900 andShabby chic accessories had a golden era up until the first world war. A postcard with a short message had been transferred onto a decorative interior product. We have many examples of using an impression of a Carte Postale on photo frames, hanging hearts, glassware and even doorstops!

Carte Postale


The popularity of Carte Postale has been growing over the past two years and has become an exciting Carte Postale Mirrorstrend. We love the Carte Postale look and it blends with our shabby chic accessories. With many Shabby chic accessoriesexamples of the Carte Postale look in our range and many have been adapted with flowers, birds and butterflies. The creation of this style has influenced two of our most popular cushion covers and has engaged our customers, who love the vintage theme. Is it the romance of a letter or postcard that has been hand written, that is so rare these days especially now we have the power of email, text messages and social media. It seems so easy to travel to foreign lands now days and sending a postcard about a special holiday seems so old fashioned. Carte Postale has been relaunched and revised with its uses and long may it last.

Decorative Bottles

Date posted: August 12, 2013

Decorative bottles from Live Laugh Love

Decorative bottlesWe love using Decorative bottles at  Live Laugh Love  ,they go with our range of vintage style interiors and enhance any room in the home. In the Water Closet or bathroom they will look lovely with lotions and potions, or a special bubble bath.With birds and butterflies becoming a fashionable accessory,look out for the more decorative versions, these can be displayed by there selves or in larger quantities to make a real statement around your vintage inspired home.Decorative bottles can also be mixed and matched in styles and colours to create an eclectic look.   Decorative Home Sweet Home bottle

With a single stem they can be used in any room and look fantastic on a mantel piece with lots of flowers in them ,place these decorative bottles at different heights to create a real country chic look.They make a wonderful table decoration for the home or dotted around a vintage styled wedding ,incorporated with our aged tea light holders and candles and make a fantastic table display.

Decorative Country storage bottle

Decorative Bottles 

In a country kitchen for storing herbs and spices.How about infusing you favourite oils with fresh rosemary or thyme,making a vinaigrette and store in the kiln-er jars with decorative lids.Have you tried making your own ex foliating scrub or moisturising cream a great way to know what is in the product and also to save you money.Use these jars or decorative bottle to present your gift to friends and family, The uses are endless so keep  looking at the website www.livelaughlove.co.uk to see what is new and inspiring. To create shabby chic styles use our more elaborate bottles with decorative flowers and ribbons.Improve the look by adding pastel colours, faded labels, and cherubs. These finishing touches tie the look in altogether and add a little je ne sais quoi or you might just say sophistication.

Heart Decorations Around The Home

Date posted: August 8, 2013

Heart Decorations Around The Home

from Live Laugh Love

Heart Decorations

The love heart is the most recognisable symbol there is, representing romance and love, but also affection and friendship. You can incorporate heart decorations all around your home, in the form of signs, hanging decorations, on material or cut into furniture. It is a wonderful way to add the finishing touch to a space and give it a zing of personality.Heart Decorations Live Laugh Love

Hearts are simple, warming and welcoming and are great at highlighting a colour theme or style. For example, when used in a country chic room, you might want to consider gingham material hearts that co-ordinate with your colour scheme. Wooden hearts will also bode well in a country chic space as it adds to that chunky, hard wearing and homely look.

Heart Decoration cabinetIf you want to add heart decorations to a vintage space, look at hearts made from metal or wire, or painted white ones that will compliment the rest of your décor. Again, in a shabby chic setting, there are many ways you can incorporate hearts to add a message of warmth.Heart Decorations

Not only can you use hearts as decorations, but think of ways to use them practically. How about a wire heart decoration that doubles as a photo holder, or name holder? You can either use this as a wall decoration by adding some precious memories in the form of your favourite photographs, or you could use it at an event to display the seating plan.Heart Decoration chalkboard

There is also the pretty but useful slate hanging heart decoration that you can use chalk to write simple messages to your loved ones on. Be it a message you have written on yourself, or a heart with a message or statement already provided, hearts are a lovely way to help you keep those sentiments around your home.

Heart cushionThere are a huge variety of heart decorations that will help to personalise any space, with a multitude of different colours and designs, from plain ones, to floral ones, union jack ones, to those with sweet sentiments written on them. Whichever hearts you go for around your home, they are a delightful and easy way to get the finishing touch you desire.How can you use hearts in your home?

  1. Hearts will flatter any style, from the shabby chic to the vintage look, just consider what type of heart decoration will suite our décor best.
  2. Use hearts for decoration as well as practicality for holding your photographs.
  3. Chose hearts that feature your favourite homely sentiments to bring extra warmth to your home.

Stunning Shabby Chic Interior Decor from Live Laugh Love

Date posted: August 2, 2013

Stunning Shabby Chic Interior Decor

from Live Laugh Love

Shabby Chic Interior Decor

At Live Laugh Love we are heavily inspired by shabby chic décor and interiors. It is a term that reflects not just a look or style, but also quality.

The look is largely dependent on recycling old furniture and giving pieces a new lease of life. For example, an old chest of drawers that still has plenty of life left but is out of place, could be stripped back and painted- maybe a soft pastel shade, and maybe new knobs could be added, and hey presto, a brand new old piece is created and has a new life ahead! It is all about reinventing and accessorising. Faded or worn looking furniture and fabrics complete the look perfectly, giving that loved and lived in look.

Shabby Chic Interior Decor

It is not just the furniture and accessories that create the look. Soft colours, like pastels and greys work brilliantly as a background colour for your shabby chic pieces. Painted and waxed floor boards are also great at bringing the shabby chic look to completion. Pretty floral fabrics decorating your table tops, as curtains or turned into cushions are great ways to establish a genuine shabby chic theme.

Lighting is incredibly important for any space when attempting to create a particular theme or mood. Candles fit perfectly with this look, so think about how you wish to present them and where in your room will benefit from them the most (just make sure they are not a fire hazard! No candles Shabby Chic tea light holdersnext to curtains, please!). Pretty chandeliers with Crystal drops are also a popular and effective way of decorating your light source.

All shabby chic homes need flowers, so make sure you have some attractive vases to house your clusters of flowers or roses. Consider chintz pottery to bring out the floral fabrics you have used. Mirrors are a perfect way of making your home appear bigger and brighter, but think about the detail on the mirrors you chose- make sure they are in keeping with the shabby chic look you are going for.So, to achieve the shabby chic look in your home, remember:Shabby Chic mirrors

Painted and recycled furniture with a worn/rubbed appearanceShabby Chic Interior Decor

  1. Floral fabrics that may look slightly faded
  2. For background colours, stick to soft greys or pastels and painted and waxed floor boards.Consider how your room is lit- how can you make your ceiling lights work more effectively and where can you use candles? Flowers,and lots of flowers.