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Shabby Chic & Vintage Inspired Photo Frames

Date posted: May 3, 2018

Photo Frames & Displays

We here at Live Laugh Love have a massive selection of Photo Frames & Displays. All of these have become household favorites. The shabby chic and vintage inspired frames are available in many various styles. With a gorgeous array in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, you are sure to find the perfect gift or addition for your home. set-5

Multi Frames

Multi frames are a great way to arrange your most loved photos. Ideal for creating a childhood theme or memorable holiday montage. You can fill one of our many multi frames with photos of the happy couple, from the beginning of their journey to the big day. You can even utilise a collection of our Baroque photo frames or our Rococo mini frames. They are ideal for holding guests names and seating places at weddings or other special events. set-1

Decorative Frames

Our decorative photo frames are made from a variety of different materials such as wood, glass, slate, pewter and porcelain. All of our photo frames have a luxury vintage feel. Use the heart shaped rustic country frames to add a touch of love to your kitchen. set-2

Triple Frames

Triple photo frames are the perfect way to display your child’s latest drawing masterpiece or sewing embroidery patch. These novel ideas make a lovely gift or keepsake for family and friends to treasure. set-3

Sentimental Frames

Photo frames with sentimental words are great for personalized gifts. What Grandma, Mum or Daughter doesn’t appreciate a special photograph in a beautiful display? You could also use one of our Mr & Mrs photo frames to display that special someone. set-4

We are all about inspirational prose and everything shabby chic & vintage. Whatever and wherever you choose to place your frames, we are sure you will find what you are looking for in our photo frames section. Happy framing!

Bathroom Accessories

Date posted: October 22, 2013

Bathroom accessories from Live Laugh Love have a vintage style.  We love the vintage look and Shabby chic mirrorshave a great selection of products to enhance your bathroom.  Our bathroom accessories will give character to your home.

Use a large vintage or shabby chic mirror to make a smaller bathroom appear more spacious.  If space is not an issue a great look is an Bathroom accessories ornate mirror over each sink unit. This creates style and substance.

The vintage look refuses to date and is a real classic that has stood the test of time.  We have plaques or door signs that will add a touch of nostalgia to the boudoir or powder room. The coordinated sets have real style. Their designs will suit the classic to the romantic look.  With storage for lotions and potions, tooth brushes and soap Bathroom accessoriesthey will create a feature.

Bathroom Accessories

Soap dishes are a lovely way to display our Savon de Marseille soap.  We have a Variety of styles and colours to match your décor.Decorative bottles are a great way to display your body and bathing products.

Wall hooks for towels and robes are a speciality of Live Laugh Love.   Many of our hooks are French inspired and add a touch of shabby chic to your bathroom accessories.

Bathroom accessories

Everyone needs a retreat to relax, soak and unwind from the4298 daily stresses. Use our inspirational words and shelf sitters to create a sanctuary.

Out rustic wall signs will add a touch of fun toBathroom accessories your bathroom, with the “bathroom rules sign” being very popular and will keep your family in check and your room in order!

Vintage Style interiors

Date posted: September 9, 2013

Vintage Style Interiors

The vintage style within your home is a great way of creating an environment that is comfortable and easy to live with. The style is all about returning to items and ideas that have a proven past and have stood the test of time. It is a look of yesteryears that is generally less than 100 years old.Vintage Style Interiors These looks and items are brought up to date, but maintain a classic feel, rather than an overtly modern one. Pretty painted shelves and cabinets and naturally faded fabrics are simple ways to kick-start a vintage style interior for your home, but there is much more to considerVintage Style Interiors.Finding vintage gems can be exhausting and involve a whole lot of travelling. The reproduction side of things came about when the Internet became more accessible, making it a lot easier for people to get their hands on the vintage pieces they desired for their homes. While you can get your hands on some real reproduction treats, mix them up with vintage Vintage Style Interiorspieces from your local flea market or antique fair. You will be amazed at what you might find just around the corner. Check to see if your local second hand outlet- has what you are looking for, and for a bargain price!

Vintage Style Interiors

The vintage look has become increasingly popular in recent years as it evokes nostalgia, recallingVintage Style Interiors the stability and comfort of previous years. The vintage look is achievable through using tried and tested pieces that have been given a modern twist to make them relevant and appealing today.

At Live Laugh Love, we adore vintage suitcases and 1930s eiderdowns. You can use the suitcases as decoration in themselves, as well as storage, and the eiderdowns just exude comfort and that homely feel. Pressed glass is also a great way to dress up a vintage home, and of course, these can also prove very practical. Ditzy flower china, French wire work and enamel are all great things to look out for when putting the finishing touches on your personalised space.

Vintage Style Interiors Vintage style interiors Vintage style interiorsMix together the old with the new and you will be amazed at how the work together. Pieces that look like they are taken directly from an era in the last century mixed with a few shabby chic accessories and some worn looking reproduction items should ensure that your vintage look is complete and utterly unique.

When going for the vintage look, think about:

  1. Getting your hands on some original items from the past 100 years that still have life in them.
  2. Go for some reproduction vintage pieces.
  3. What comforts you when you think of homes from the past? Where did you spend treasured times of your childhood?
  4. Mix old with new pieces
  5. Check out your local flea market, antique fair,or second hand store.