Scented Tea Lights

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    Is your busy and hectic schedule finally getting on your nerves? We know just the right thing that you need: the best scented tea lights! Aromatherapy is popular and for good reason. That is why we at Live Laugh Love are here to offer you the perfect scented tealight candles that you can find! There are scents to choose from to match your mood, whether you are tired, sleepy, or feeling anxious. Just light ’em up, lie down, close your eyes, and breathe in.


    Go Big With These Large Scented Tea Lights 

    Everyone wants something that is long-lasting, like these large scented tea lights! You might not have the time to always go out and about looking for scented tea light candles so we have got you covered. Now, quickly running out of your favourite fruity, floral, or homey scents will not be a problem anymore.