French Style Bedroom Furniture

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When you think of vintage furniture designs, there’s a good chance that they’re of French origin. The ornate style was popular in upper-class houses across the country prior to the French Revolution, and it spread to England during the Georgian era – it’s still visible in a lot of National Trust properties that have been preserved to look the way they did during their heydays.

The elegance and timeless appeal of the furniture means that the style is sought-after in homes of all kinds today, and it’s a desire that Live Laugh Love caters to for its customers with a wide range of options available to peruse.
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We specialise in bedroom furniture – there’s something opulent and luxurious about the style that makes it perfect for a boudoir – and we have everything from antique dressers to desks and wardrobes, all painted in our vintage off-white/cream shade to maintain a sense of class and neutrality – this way the pieces don’t overpower the room, which can be built around them rather than having to focus on them.

Choosing the right piece can really tie a room together and elevate it into really becoming a showcase for your sense of personal shabby chic style. With our ranges updated on a regular basis, there are always new additions to the available products, so it’s always likely that the perfect piece will be in stock soon.

Elegant, practical and understated, French style bedroom furniture will always be a timeless addition to any home.

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