With the nights drawing in and the mornings becoming darker, the autumnal season is really upon us. Looking forward to the end of October and Halloween with its influences from the Celtic harvest festivals. It seems so natural to celebrate Halloween with festive drinks like a bloody martini, witches brew, or even Dracula's blood punch, It all sounds very scary.

    When the food arrives and you are looking at spider cookies, doughnut whole eyeballs, or even French bread mummy pizzas, it's time to run for the covers.
    Garnish the house with pumpkins that light up with LEDs, and metal lanterns to adorn your porch or garden patio., lit with tea lights or candles. Set the spooky scene with resin skeletons, Halloween gonks, or scary-faced ceramic pumpkins, All will add that spine, chili mood to scare your guests.
    Trick or treat with Live Laugh Love's light-up LED pumpkin stack, that will scare the neighbors.
    Take a look at our range of Halloween decor to make Halloween a hair-raising get-together.