About Us

We are a family run business who founded Live Laugh Love in 2005.

We love all things vintage and have been influenced by many styles from French provincial to British retro. Our inspirations come from painted items that are distressed and worn around the edges, pretty faded vintage fabrics, original 1930s chintz china, Victorian glass that is decorative but still very useful and rusty old wire work that had seen better days but when displayed in the right way regains its original beauty.

With lovely pieces at affordable prices, some hand finished and designed by ourselves, from decorative to practical, we source products from all over England and Europe to achieve a unique collection that will enhance your home.

Prior a recent Country Living Magazine Fair journalist wrote about us:

"From its small beginnings selling antique furniture at British fairs 15 years ago, Live Laugh Love has grown to offer one of the most beautiful and vast collections of country inspired, decorative and practical pieces for the home.

From antique pottery and vintage furnishings to charming rustic reproductions sourced from Britain and around Europe, husband and wife duo Claire and Ricky Taylor sell an eclectic array of pretty products to enhance the home. Many items in the collection are also designed and hand finished by the couple, giving the pieces that luxurious and unique look.

At this year’s Country Living Magazine fair, this charming company will be selling a wonderful assortment of old and new items with a distinctive country theme. Rustic carved wooden photo frames, floral ceramic jugs, pastel coloured patchwork cushions and decorative kitchen trinkets are just some of the lovely pieces available from Live Laugh Love."

We love what we do and hope you enjoy perusing our store. We still get excited when finding something new for our home and hope you feel the same when choosing something for yours…

Claire & Ricky