Shabby Chic Planters

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    Why even try making a planter look worn out when you can purchase shabby chic planters for a good price? Save yourself a trip to the DIY store and the time it takes to clean up your crafting station by getting yourself a perfectly withered planter. This collection of shabby chic outdoor plant pots will excite any crazy plant people in your life. Even if that’s you.


    Browse some of the most lovely pots ranging from hanging to wicker. 

    Live Your Retro Dream With These Shabby Chic Wall Planters

    The shabby chic wall planters in this collection will please any old soul or just someone with an affinity for the retro look. They make the perfect gift idea for plant lovers too. Shabby chic indoor plant pots and worn in vintage garden planters like those you see here will provide the right amount of texture to your home without ever looking tacky. You will also unearth adorable planting accessories here. Add a whimsical piece that also stands as a home to display your lovely houseplants in the most fashionable way.