French Style Furniture Ideas for 2015

Carefully chosen French style furniture can add a ‘romantic hideaway’ feeling to any home. Whether you’re looking to create a boutique bedroom or lavish lounge, adding few key pieces in each room will bring the décor together to create a warm and homely environment.

You might think you have to spend a fortune to create the elegant looks you see in magazines, but this isn’t the case. A few solid investment pieces and some decorative small furniture items will be just enough to create a typically French shabby chic feeling in your home.

When it comes to thinking about what you are going to purchase, statement pieces, such as drawers and sideboards are great places to start.

Chests of Drawers
Stylish French Draws

The wonderful thing about vintage furniture is that they never go out of style. Chests of drawers are essential bedroom pieces, and the right ones will become treasured pieces of family history, passed through the generations.

French style furniture plays heavily on decorative finishes. This helps create a luxurious and opulent feel, perfect for bedrooms and dressing rooms. Dress your drawers with romantic candles, pretty perfumes and luxury lotions.


Whatever the size of your space, every room should have a focal point. For bedrooms, this will be the bed. In kitchens, this could be a large dining table or butler sink. In living areas, the key focal point is normally the television or fireplace.
If you’re worried about how to incorporate a touch of French, don’t fear. A show-stopping French style sideboard will not only be sturdy enough to carry your flat screen and store your media gadgets, it will also become the key focal point in your room – not your television.

Other large pieces, such as dressers or vitrines are sure to become strong talking points when guests pop over for coffee and croissants.

Wall Fittings
French Styled Wall Hooks

For most of us, living in a French chateau is all but a dream. However, just because you don’t have the luxury of space in your home, doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the beauty of French style living.

Adding a few wall-fitted pieces in your home, such as shelving, racks or coat hooks, are a gorgeous way to incorporate some French shabby chic into your living quarters without having to sacrifice floor space.

Stylish French Chair

Furniture should certainly look stunning, but its key priority is to provide some kind of use. After all, you don’t want it sitting there, gathering dust. That kind of shabbiness is something we don’t want to encourage!

Rather than concentrating on decorative pieces that will have little use, look for items that will provide function for your family. A trusted failsafe is the good old-fashioned chair.

As well as for sitting, French style furniture chairs can make interesting side tables for bedrooms and smaller living rooms and as they are easily portable, they can provide various other multi-functional uses.

Why not consider taking a chair into a hallway, as a handy area to place your handbag or keys? French style chairs always look good in spare rooms as well, as a useful space for stacking towels or for guests to deposit clothing.

In terms of style, the French have always been a nation several steps ahead. So it makes sense that more and more people are choosing to furnish their homes with beautiful French style furniture. These timeless pieces can transform any sanctuary into a classic and stylish retreat. And you don’t have to worry about your furniture ever looking dated; vintage French furniture is always in fashion.