How to Decorate a Small Garden?

Surrounding yourself with nature is known to have a positive effect on your overall well being, which is why many households are really putting an effort to have their own garden. Even in urban spaces like apartments and offices, you will often find a mini garden on one corner or side of the room. Part of what makes gardening relaxing is getting to decorate this mini paradise. However, some worry that, with their small garden space, decorating might be a bit challenging.

But that is hardly the case. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of ways for you to go all out and make your small garden area as stylish as you want it to be. Ensure you buy garden decor that is appropriate for the size of garden that you have, as well as what plants are ideal for a small garden. Once you have it all planned out in your head and when you have the necessary tools, plants, and other decors on hand, feel free to experiment on different looks, blockings, and combinations in your garden.

To get you started, here are some tips on how to decorate a small garden area:

Make Use of Shelves and Hooks

Because you have a small piece of land available for gardening, it is wise to also take up some airspace so you can maximise the whole area. Doing so will also free more space on the ground where you can walk around. Shelves and hooks can be home to potted trailing plants where they can hang down in their full lush glory. For shelves and hooks, you can either recycle some old wood and unused shelves.

Place Small Pieces of Furniture in Your Garden at Home

It is not only the act of gardening that’s calming. After planting, watering, and decorating, your garden becomes your go-to place to hang out, whether alone or with friends. It is therefore a good idea to put small tables and chairs where you can rest and admire the beauty of your garden. Having furniture also gives your garden an inviting atmosphere that is perfect for your alone time or for having guests over.

Paint Your Fences and Walls for a Pop of Colour

Since urban gardens are usually in a small and closed space, having a nice view of the horizon might not be possible. Despite that, you can still breathe new life to your garden by painting a beautiful backdrop on your garden wall. This also builds the aesthetic and mood for your little piece of paradise. For instance, painting the walls a light pastel colour or a bright sunny yellow one will highlight the colour contrast in your garden.

Final Tip on How to Decorate a Small Garden Area

Finally, do not let a limited space stop you from going all out on the decorations and enjoying a beautiful garden. Like everything else, all you need to do is plan a bit and visualise how you would want your dream garden at home to look like. With these tips, you can start experimenting which arrangements will perfectly fit your space and aesthetic.