Decorative Tea Light Holders

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    Shabby Chic Tea Light Holders

    After a long day, brighten up your mood and your room with scented tea lights held in Live Laugh Love's decorative tea light holders. These tea lights were masterfully designed and made with the image of French provincial and other vintage styles in mind. There are many styles to choose from. A glass candle holder has a dainty look while our wooden ones give a more rustic feel. Select the perfect tea light holder in Live Laugh Love's collection below.

    Give your room that old-fashioned vibe with decorative tea light holders

    Let your mind wander in the scent of your favorite aroma as you light up a delightful tea light. Keep your house safe and stylish by placing it in a rustic tea light holder. You can choose from wall mounted tea light candle holders to classic tabletop holders in Live Laugh Love's collection. Each piece exudes a different aura that can accentuate the inspiration behind your decor. Shop for the perfect tea light candle holder today.