Shabby Chic Soap Dishes & Dispensers


    Who says you have to keep your ubiquitous and unoriginal soap dispensers at home? No one! If you agree, then what you need is our very own collection of unique, shabby chic soap dispensers. Composed of pieces made from an assortment of different materials such as ceramic, enamel, and glass, Live Laugh Love adheres to your definition of sturdy, fashionable, and sleek.


    With these, washing off will surely be your favourite thing to do. Shop our collection now. 

    Find Your Shabby Chic Soap Dish

    Tired of soap slipping away? Want to know the secret to keeping it in check? These vintage soap dishes are here to save the day! Don’t ever go through the hassle again and add some flair to your bathroom or kitchen with our shabby chic soap dish. As an added bonus, these soap dishes don’t break that easily plus, our styles include French, Vintage, and of course, Shabby Chic.