Shabby Chic Bathroom Décor

Transform your bathroom into a tranquil sanctuary with our vintage-inspired, country chic and nautical bathroom accessories. Whether you are creating a vintage 'boutique hotel' bathroom feel, or want to garnish your little 'buoys' room with seaside delights and a 'holiday home' feel - we have it all.

Beautiful Vintage-Inspired Bathroom Décor

Breathe some beauty into your bathroom from vintage ornaments, bathroom wall art to nautical accessories. Find items like shabby chic bathroom accessories, vintage pieces and inspiring bathroom wall decor that will give your private space a rustic, vintage or country chic charm.

Our collection covers your design needs from bathroom mirrors to starfish loo-roll holders. Whether you would like a seaside, nautical bathroom or a countryside feel, we can help. Give your private space the tranquil furnishing it deserves in this irresistible collection. Discover pieces that you’ll love and cherish for years.