Shabby Chic Bathroom Collection

Ideas & Inspiration

Laurel and Wolf

This bathroom demonstrates how simple accessories can really make or break a room's look and feel. The wicker towel basket on the floor would be effective on its own, but with the addition of the flowers poking out of the top of it, it becomes a contrastive and colourful part of the room.



The combination of the tall, narrow windows framing the bath, which is set into the wall doesn't scream shabby chic, but the colour scheme and large amount of natural light allowed into the room help to anchor it firmly within the aesthetic, as does the ornately carved vanity desk on the right-hand side.



This bathroom errs towards the luxurious side of shabby chic, with a fireplace offering an extra heat source if the water isn't hot enough, a full wall mirror on the right, a high amount of natural light and ample storage space in the green cabinets on each side.


There's a strong pink theme going on here, with the bath matching the curtains, walls, the pale pink squares of the checkerboard floor and even the small plant pots sitting nearby. The freestanding bath is a key shabby chic bathroom feature and, combined with that colour, is archetypal of the style.


The Home Style Directory

Some rooms need a statement piece, especially if the walls are relatively bare, and this gilded-frame painting evokes the faded glamour of the Georgian houses that adopted the shabby chic style centuries ago.



The idea of a bathroom as a peaceful escape from the pressures and hassles of daily life is emphasised here by the wallpaper, which is a valid part of the shabby chic style – you don't have to go for pastel-painted walls if you don't want to. It looks very 18th century in the above example, so don't go for anything that doesn't fit your aesthetic.


Heim Decor

In modern homes, storage is a constant concern. A lot of bathrooms employ wall-mounted soap and shampoo dishes/shelves for easy access when one is using the bath, apart from anything else – the example above, though, has taken things further. There are two shelves, one of which acts as a towel and utensil hanger as well.



If you've got limited space in a studio flat and don't actually have a separate bathroom, a freestanding bath can be a great way of both enhancing the look of the room and maximising the space available to you, as long as it can be plumbed in properly. Here, a freestanding white porcelain bath contrasts well with the pale blue wooden floorboards, both in terms of colour and texture.


Live Laugh Love

The details should never be overlooked when you're concentrating on the bigger picture – everything should look as though it belongs and hasn't been crammed in for the sake of it. Items like this ornate wall-mounted soap dish are ideal because they're relatively understated but can fit in with all colour schemes.



Curtains in a bathroom are a tricky thing to get right, especially if you're trying to meet the demands of a shabby chic look. The plastic waterproof versions might be functional but they're usually quite ugly, while shabby chic options can be a bit thin and insubstantial, especially if they're going to be battling steam and water every day. Source some thicker options like the ones covering the window and shower, and stay away from the ones concealing the bath.



This bathroom leans more towards the rustic side of shabby chic, but the pale yellow combined with the roughened finish of the sink unit works effectively to offer a farmhouse-esque feel.


Being economical with space can be difficult, especially when two people are using the same facilities. This bathroom caters for a male and female occupant, with twin sinks featuring an extendable shaving mirror on the left and a full-length mounted mirror on the right.