Shabby Chic Bedroom Collection

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Bedroom Furniture

Whichever style you're decorating a room in, it is important to colour coordinate as much as possible in order to provide a sense of cohesion. Here, the key furniture pieces in the bedroom are the same shade of cream, allowing for experimentation with the two different coloured walls.


House To Home

When a bedroom is decorated in a cosy, welcoming way, the lighting must also reflect that style. To this end, the light fixture hanging over the bed, designed to look like a bunch of flower petals in keeping with the rest of the room, will dissipate light softly throughout the room. 


Bedroom Décor Design Ideas

Attic conversions can offer good opportunities for those looking to adopt the shabby chic style in their homes. The raw materials, such as boarded walls or floors and windows are already present, and the relatively blank slate that it should become once it has been cleared out means you can put your own design stamp on it. 



Never underestimate the impact that a statement piece can have on your shabby chic bedroom and the royal blue wardrobe here stands out on its own terms, immediately drawing the eye towards it, but also coordinates well with the pale blue of the walls, curtains and pillow.


Rodgers of York

Although shabby chic is often characterised by non-matching pieces of furniture that nevertheless work well together, this doesn't rule out pieces of furniture that do match from being used together. The chest of drawers and wardrobe in this example clearly match, but the understated design and neutral colour tones mean that they can match and still be effective within a shabby chic aesthetic.


Live Laugh Love

Window seats are popular shabby chic features, perfect for curling up with a book and a cup of tea on lazy afternoons. Whether your ideal seat is a small sofa next to the window or a nook built into the windowsill itself, see if your bedroom would benefit from incorporating one.


Warren Grove Garden

As the centrepiece of the room, a bed with no headboard can really be accentuated by a draping net instead. The fairy lights employed here add warmth to the room and promote intimacy, while the use of dark green plants stands out on top of the neutral colour palette.


Unusual furniture pieces can add a contemporary twist to a shabby chic room, which tend to err on the more traditional side of interior design. This bed/sofa, for example, includes a pull-out storage drawer while retaining a chic shape. Don't be restricted to the designs available on shabby chic-focused websites and there are tons of options available if you look out for them.

Milieu Design Group

A bedroom that features twin beds instead of one presents different design challenges for homeowners, namely: how do you fill the gap between the beds? Here, the designer has opted for an antique writing desk that can also be used as a bedside table for both bed occupants. The canvas print on the wall also provides a visual point of interest.

Spontaneous Chick

Much of the colour contrast in this room comes from the dark, rich shade of the floorboards, which helps to warm the temperature of the room, along with the mustard coloured walls. If you're lucky enough to have a fireplace, positioning the bed next to it ensures that you will feel the benefits on those cold winter nights.


UKTV Homes 

This is the archetypal shabby chic bedroom, to the extent that you can imagine it existing in 18th century Versailles or a Georgian townhouse. Take particular note of the mirror frame, dressing table and bed headboard and it's the small details that really mark out a room as part of the shabby chic aesthetic.


Décor Advisor

This room is all about the feature bed. Clean, white walls need a punch of vibrant colour, and the turquoise-and-emerald head and footboards achieve that with aplomb, to the point that further wall decoration is not needed.


French Bedroom Company

In a room filled with white and cream shades, patterned wallpaper can add detail to something which is quite simplistic and could bore the eye. Demonstrating how even the most minor aspects of a room can transform it, don't underestimate the impact that the right wallpaper will have on your bedroom.



Repurposing old materials in new ways is one of the cornerstones of the shabby chic philosophy, so the old wooden doors used as a headboard for the bed are perfect here. In addition, only a few selective colours have been worked into the room as a whole, which adds to the minimalistic feel.

Décor Advisor

Four-poster beds are a little kitsch these days, but that doesn't mean your bed needs to dispense with a frame altogether. This minimalistic shabby chic room includes a white frame over the pink-and-white bed which provides a point of interest upon entry and can be used to support drapes in the future if needed.


Inter Tiles and Interiors

The key feature in this room isn't the bed or the wardrobe but the old travelling chest being used as a bedside table and it not only provides the vintage detail that shabby chic decoration thrives on, but also matches the neutral colour scheme employed throughout the room as a whole.