Christmas Baubles


    Our expansive range of delicate and vintage-inspired baubles will certainly make your tree feel fit to be dressed like a Christmas King and Queen this season - hanging glass hearts, honeycomb baubles, holly and ribbon glass balls, frosty snowflakes, glass presents, glitter lace and so much more - we have it all when it comes to a festive ball.

    Have you always admired snowflakes but there is just no way to keep them intact and preserved forever? That is what Christmas baubles are for! They may not have those complicated patterns that snowflakes have, but they are designed and decorated to give you that similar feeling of awe when you see them. Well, if you are truly looking for snowflakes, Live Laugh Love also has glass baubles and Christmas tree baubles that are either shaped or painted with snowflakes.
    Take A Gander At These Large Christmas Baubles
    Some like it small and cute, but some also love being big and extra. If you are part of the latter group who fancies bolder holiday decorations, then the large Christmas baubles are perfect for you. There is a lot you can do with them such as hanging them on your Christmas trees, putting them on your wreaths, or even using them as a table-top decoration by placing them in nice, glass vases.