Vintage Glass Bottles


    Whoever said happiness can’t be bought is wrong, clearly, you can purchase it and it actually comes in a glass. That’s right! Have a dose of positivity blissfully ensconced in these vintage glass bottles.


    Glass bottles are a sure-fire choice of decoration, and here at Live Laugh Love, our pieces come in many styles and shapes, and they can be used in almost any way imaginable. 

    Shabby Chic Glass Bottles

    Looking at these shabby chic glass bottles, you won’t worry about ever running out of decorative ideas. Want to put them on top of shelves and over mantels? They sure are good at injecting some charm on any surface. Thinking about filling them with coloured sands and pretty flowers? Do it and they will not only be an eye-catcher, but they will also give off a calming aura that can clear your mind in a beat! Whatever your style is, these gorgeous items can be tailored to anyone's taste.