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Elegant Shabby Chic Home Accessories

Handpick and indulge in our vast range of vintage home decor accessories. Our selection and experience make us the leading specialists in the UK and Europe. Shabby chic decor has a calming and indulgent look, its soft subtle colourways and tactile feel make your home a cosy place to relax. If you want unusual ornaments for the home than look no further than our selection of shabby chic accessories.

Garnish a vintage-inspired home with shabby chic accessories, our range of wall decor, signs, plaques, and pictures will add a feature to any room. Vintage-inspired photo frames fill the home with character and shabby chic lamps with retro lampshades give a vintage lighting to any lounge, hallway or bedroom. Add a timepiece to a vintage-inspired home, our comprehensive selection of shabby chic clocks will present a focal point to any abode. Any home will be enhances by a vintage wall clock, antique clocks and a stunning retro wall clock. Soften a room with a selection of shabby chic cushions, mix and match with vintage cushions to create an eclectic look. Our selection of, Shabby chic hanging hearts, vintage jugs, Fabric ribbons, shabby chic hooks, and antique silver glass are ideal fishing touches that enrich a stylish home.  

Our indoor furnishings that include shabby chic Shelving units are an ideal way to decorate your space by adding a personal touch. From large ornaments for the home to quirky home ornaments, we have it all. Become your own interior designer and make your nest an opulent retreat.